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Don't allow gadgets to replace games.

Posted by Evelyn Williams on September 3rd, 2019

Nowadays our life is encompassed with various gadgets, especially smartphones. We can’t imagine our life without these gadgets. We have become so much habitual to these gadgets that it has changed our lifestyle in many ways. We have forgotten to live in conventional ways. It has replaced so many things in our lives. The fun-filled indoor or outdoor games which we were fond of in our childhood are becoming obsolete among today’s children.

It is true that technologies have simplified our lives in many ways. Many tasks can be done in just a single click. We do not have to plunge ourselves in the pile of dictionaries or encyclopaedias for finding any meaning of a word or searching for some facts. It can be done easily by surfing the internet for more or less any information you seek for. Although we are benefitted substantially by these gadgets there are some places where it is hampering in a different manner. One such way is by occupying children’s mind with the attractive digital games which are restraining them to go out and play. 

Electronic gadgets like smartphones keep us engage throughout the day with either essential or entertainment purpose. Kids learn what they see. Parents offer their smartphones to their kids for playing in order to keep them engaged. The digital games are more appealing to them than going out and playing various outdoor games. These are having a bad effect on their innocent minds by restricting their physical movements. No matter how much technology oriented we become, there are some places where we should follow our old conventional ways of building a better society. In earlier days kids were more interested in playing outside. We all have enjoyed our time while playing ‘hide and seek’ with our friends. 

Every kid needs certain physical activities during their years of growth. They will not be interested in doing yoga or any kind of physical exercise. These are fulfilled by the outdoor playing sessions with their friends. Running after friends in order to catch one or playing cricket or football are not only fun but also have a far-reaching effect on their physical and mental growth. The board games like Ludo, Snake, and Ladder, reconstructing the puzzle pieces are even fun and interesting. These games help your kids to increase their determination and decision-making abilities. Group games teach them to adjust among others and work together. Children can be even taught number counting and increase their vocabulary through various games. 

They get innumerable gaming options in the smartphones as well as in the gaming console. But the physical and mental growths along with entertainment they have from these games are very effective for their development in all directions. Nowadays, kids are more into these gaming gadgets and care more about which new games to install in smartphones. It is the responsibility of the parents to keep away these gadgets from them until the right age. Teach

them interesting and fun games and let them enjoy their childhood to the fullest. Parents must also join them sometimes in order to encourage them into such games.

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