Recycled PET (r-PET) Bottles: Non-Food Applications for PET Rise Exponentially

Posted by Deeksha on September 3rd, 2019

The Increased focus of governments and consumers on the adoption and use of eco-friendly products around the world, in addition to the massive rise of plastic waste has boosted the trend of environmental sustainability. At present, billions of single-use bottles are discarded annually from the US alone. Such numbers have drastically boosted the demand and production of recycled PET (r-PET) bottles.

Further, numerous governments around the world are pushing to ban the production and use of single-use plastics, to lessen the burden of plastic waste on the planet. In addition, the production of single-use plastics also requires large amounts of oil, which has also propelled the use of recycled materials. The global recycled PET (r-PET) bottles are expected to grow at a robust CAGR of ~8 per cent through the forecast period till 2027.

These insights come from a research report titled as “Recycled PET (r-PET) Bottles Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2019 - 2027” That has been added to the vast research repository of Market Research Hub (MRH).

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Clear r-PET Bottles Are Prioritized for Recycling

The sales of recycled PET (r-PET) bottles are being strongly encouraged, especially on online platforms. Consequently, manufacturers are pushing to increase their potential revenues in e-commerce platforms. In addition, market players are also increasing funding and resources for research and development activities for the development of strategic pricing plans.

With a greater focus on aesthetics, coloured r-PET bottles are likely to remain high. On the other hand, clear bottles are cheaper to recycle, which is expected to boost their adoption rate through the forecast period. The integration of specific recycling processes for clear bottles will bolster the market position for these products.

 As consumer goods manufacturers realize the benefits of using high density and strength of r-PET bottles, a massive rise of these bottles is expected to be witnessed for products such as detergent, shampoo and mouthwash among others. Key manufacturers promoting r-PET bottles include CarbonLITE Industries LLC, ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG, and Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited.

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Recycled PET (r-PET) Bottles Market: Report Overview

This report on recycled PET (r-PET) bottles provides the readers with a detailed analysis of the environment of recycled PET (r-PET) bottles producers affecting the industry across the globe. Industry forecasting model includes primary interviews with market players and customer data in addition to complete analysis of the research publications.

The report also includes detailed interviews conducted by eminent market analysts with industry leaders, industrial technology experts and industry analysts to provide validations of the industry’s production volume and relevant assumptions in the study.

The recycled PET (r-PET) bottles report predicts the performance of the market in terms of volumes forecast by different categories including not just manufacturing and raw material costs, but also factors such as the growth of the demand from consumers.

For each of these categories, business development strategies and market projections adopted by key market players for specific strategies have also been added to the report.

Valuable insights which can be helpful for cultivators operating in the recycled PET (r-PET) bottles industry are provided in the report. Assessment of pricing analysis, barriers to market entry, supply-demand dynamics, and market expansion strategies makes the report a very reliable source of data for business professionals who are involved in the recycled PET (r-PET) bottles market.



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