How AI is Transforming the Future of Work for AI professionals?

Posted by Niti Sharma on September 3rd, 2019

Artificial intelligence is one of the largest and fastest emerging technologies that is growing at breakneck speed. The market is estimated to reach billion by the coming year 2020. AI is already transforming lives as we see it. Besides this, job opportunities across the industry will reach its peak.

Are you worried about AI taking away jobs?

When we hear about AI and automation, there is a fear that has instilled. But what if we’re able to grab a job amidst the turmoil? With the rapid growth of technologies, artificial intelligence has already invaded our lives. Probably, not in the same manner as people talk about it, but yes, AI is already in our daily lives.

AI and automation will define the future of work!

Speaking of which, upskilling and reskilling is the new norm of self-proofing our skills. What’s more important for us is to prepare a workforce where the implementation of newer technologies happens for a brighter cause. While building, skills are mandatory, people must evaluate their current trajectory and look toward how this will change in due time. Many of the jobs that are expected to be filled will involve a lot of artificial intelligence.

What is the kind of jobs available for AI professionals?

For those expert professionals looking to maximize their horizon, there is a wide range of jobs that can be availed by these tech experts.  Software developers and data scientist having extensive knowledge in natural language generation, speech recognition, machine learning specialist are the roles that are hot topic in the industry.

Though there’s a pipeline of new graduates having skills and interest in areas like machine learning, the market is yet to fulfill the demand for AI professionals.

How can one upskill to stay in-sync for future jobs?

The future of work solely depends on us. With the lack of AI skills, professionals must upskill to excel in their career. Staying in-sync does not mean getting back to the traditional education system. It is all about learning and adapting to the current ongoing happenings in the technology market.

Technical skills: -

While reskilling for future jobs, professionals must understand the skills that are required by the current industry.

In the roadmap to becoming an artificial intelligence engineer, certain technical skills are required. Programming skills like R, Python, Java, and C++. Besides programming language, the professional should have in-depth knowledge in algebra, calculus, statistics like Naïve Bayes, and Gaussian mixture models, etc. Algorithms. Language, audio and video processing. Neural network architectures, for such purposes machine learning can handle tasks that are complex for humans. The professional must be well acquainted with verbal and speaking skills. The candidate must be a great problem solver etc.

Acquiring skills that are mentioned above will fast forward your AI career.

Artificial intelligence is an emerging technology trend, and only professionals having upgraded their skills from best AI certifications will be the lucky lot.

Having said, as AI and automation increase the labor in the newer work environment, we all will need to reap benefits from them.

Professionals will AI skillsets are highly in demand and are getting whopping salary packages in the job market. With the emergence and advent of artificial, several companies are now looking to implement this technology in their development process. But, there is a huge dearth of talent that is yet to be addressed. While lack of AI skilled candidates may be a problem for many of organizations, it is an opportunity for many your professionals looking for a breakthrough in AI.

There will always be a scope for upskilling in this hypercompetitive market because the future of work will still be about lifelong learning.

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