Seattle Seahawks Traded For Jadeveon Clowney for Bigger Benefits We Didnít Fores

Posted by tix2nfl1 on September 3rd, 2019

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Seattle finally officialized that oh-so-rumored trade and got Jadeveon Clowney on the team. But of course, trades don’t happen one way. Seahawks had to forgo defensive end Jacob Martin, defensive end Barkevious Mingo and a third-round draft choice.

But my point is, was that a bad deal? Personally, No I don’t think so. To elaborate why here are some facts.

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Now coming back to the trade, for starters, the traded prospects were not much of a loss to the team. Sure Martin was promising but he had a long way to go. While Mingo was to be cut by Seattle sooner or later to save those .1 million spent on his salary. Why? Mostly because he has been struggling to get the quarterback both in practices and preseason games in the past several weeks.

So adding Jadeveon is actually a colossal advancement for an in-need defensive line. And without giving up a front-line player or a top draft choice. That’s one good deal Seahawks snatched.

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Now to mention another big steal for Seattle: Because Texans are paying Clowney the initial million. They ended up paying only .97 million of Jadeveon’s pay and not .97 million as we all expected. This makes it an even greater deal for Seattle.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, it was in terms of trade to pay Clowney million signing bonus. The reason was, Houston had him on hold for the entire preseason. Clowney wasn’t signing the tender (a skill learned thanks toLe’Veon Bell) so the Texans had no choice but to do this.

But what urged him to do this?


Texans were considering trading him to Miami Dolphins who were offering up left tackle Laremy Tunsil. The deal was appealing to Houston as they were in need of a left tackle. Also, they were holding off Seahawks because they had already traded Duane Brown to them two years ago.

But Clowney wanted to be on the Seattle team. So he did what the former Pittsburgh running back, Le’Veon Bell had taught star players across the league; the benefits of not submissively playing under the tag for a year.

He learned that not signing the tender means any moves for trade on the team’s part had first need to be approved by the player. This way he got what he wanted and Texans had no choice but to close a one-sided deal with Seattle.


Why Clowney wanted to join Seattle so bad?

Apparently, a talk with Duane Brown had led him to be wishing this. Summing up all the reasons Brown mentioned in their talk, great quarterback, great system,great weathergreat fan support and lastly great teammates. All that great stuck in his head perhaps and he wanted to join the organization ASAP.

Now he is on the team and would be playing for Seattle, If not much at least for a year. This is the best time to Buy Cheap Seattle Seahawks Tickets.


Veterans re-signed to complete Seahawks’ 23 player roster:

Attaining Clowney almost at the end of the preseason was a great pinch. But was that all General Manager John Schneider had in his plans? It most certainly was not.

If this move wasn’t enough to tell you how Schneider mind works. Get this, Schneider knew they shouldn’t lose Geno Smith but then why he let him go? Technically, it was part of a big plan. Giving up two from the team to get one high-edge player sure was a nice move. But it cut them down to 52 players. So, what he did? He re-signed Smith to get back to 53 players. Smart move right? Smith becoming free agent seemly was just for show. He had him go without waivers that way they didn’t have the risk of another team claiming Smith and then just went and got him back.

Though Smith was not the only veteran returning to the team. Wide receiver Jaron Brown came back Monday after Ed Dickson was put on the injured list. And before Monday practice, Seahawks also re-signed Nick Bellore while they had him released just Saturday.

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With Manager John Schneider’s smart moves and Clowney giving his best in games as he said so himself, Seattle could go far this year. Without a doubt, Clowney trade will have people looking to Seattle Seahawks with a new viewpoint. This obviously makes them a more serious contender for the NFC playoffs.

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