The Psychology of Social Media

Posted by SoNuker on September 3rd, 2019

What is the first thing that you do in the morning? Don’t even try telling us that you go for a quick jog or anything. We know the first thing that you do is check the notifications on your phone. No matter what your poison is, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, the first thing you do is checking the notifications. Why is it that getting likes and followers and subscribers so important? The simple answer is that it gives us acceptance and social validation. In this era, when most of us are going through an existential crisis, having validation from people helps! The number of YouTube subscribers that you have is in a way directly proportional to the amount of self-esteem you build for yourself.

While it is impossible to ignore the impact of this social media psychology on individuals, the impact on businesses is also immense. Having more likes on Facebook or more number of YouTube subscribers creates a positive outlook for the businesses as well. The psychology of social media works tow-ways in case of business. The more validation you have the more will be the number of people who will get attracted to you, follow or subscribe to your channel and this, in turn, will give you even more validation in the social world.

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With the free and paid options from SoNuker, you can get the social validation you need and then start a chain reaction for getting more and more likes, followers and subscribers. When you once avail the services of SoNuker, you will realize how easy and simple it is to Buy YouTube Shares, likes or subscribers. You just have to log in or you can even use their quick order form. With SoNuker by your side, you can get whatever form of social validation that you want on social media. Their services are not only helpful for individuals but also very effective for business account owners.

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