How to Stop Getting Un-followed On Instagram

Posted by Mr. Insta on September 3rd, 2019

When you have a personal Instagram account, and someone un-follows you, you can yourself think of personal reasons for that happening. But if it is your business account it is important that you think of reasons why your Instagram followers are leaving your page. Some of the possible reasons could be:

1. Lack of engagement: Instagram is a social media platform and if you do not make space for social interactions or any type of engagement then they are bound to un-follow you.

2. Too many or too few posts: If you post too much content every day and clutter their feed or post nothing at all for long periods of time, people will un-follow you. Make sure you post content at regular intervals, not too much and not too few.

3. Poor photo and video quality: if your photos and videos are not of good quality, then people will see no point in sticking your page and they will leave.

4. The Number of Your Followers: Yes, this too can be a major reason. If people see that there are not many people following you, they might un-follow you and think your content is not worthy enough.

No matter what reason it is that people are un-following you, it is bad news for you. And how can you solve this problem? With Mr. Intsa!

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Wondering how this will prevent other people from un-following you? If you have a lot of followers then people will believe in the fact that you have quality content. If you start user engagement and then make sure your photos and videos are of good quality your page will definitely get a lot of followers. With Mr. Insta’s impeccable services, you can Buy Instagram Likes and reach new heights in business.

When you get the free Instagram followers and likes from Mr. Insta, you start a chain of organic likes and followers on your page. They also offer their services on other platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Mr. Insta’s website and avail their fantastic services.

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