Targeted web traffic vs Targeted organic traffic

Posted by james Moores on September 4th, 2019

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Let's briefly explain each.

  1. Invest in creating demand for brand names and product names bearing brands to overcome the decline in searches that do not specify brand names.

The first option is quite powerful and very nice. It is not only responding to demand brand names and product names bearing brands but also investing in demand creation.

Why does it work?

For example, suppose someone with SEO needs is searching for “SEO tools” on Google.

What will appear in Google search results? Articles like "This is an excellent SEO tool" are displayed side by side.

In fact, Google now puts a small box at the top and displays a card-style result list. A carousel with various brands of SEO tools. I think that what is displayed here is not an article that appears on the first page, but an article that appears on the second or third page. So, I don't think Moz is listed here and it's hard to optimize. Google is losing demand there and is also taking away opportunities for click-through rates.

But what happens if someone searches for “Moz” instead of “SEO tools”?

In that case, the above situation does not have to occur. There is no doubt that Moz is displayed at the top. Google won't take the opportunity to appear in search results under our own brand name. Rather, Google recognizes that in the sense of navigation search, it needs to center around the website the user is looking for. So, if the demand for Moz can be increased over other SEO tools, it will have a great effect (by the way, according to Google Trends, the demand for Moz is already about 5-10 times higher than other tools. ). You can do the same with content, targeted social media traffic, and targeted email marketing. Of course, the search can also generate demand for brand names, not non-brand names.

This guide explains how to deal with websites that have fallen on Google ’s search ranking. It consists of three simple and most important steps: identifying the page where the ranking has dropped, investigating the cause of the ranking drop, and how to deal with the situation.

Suddenly the loss of targeted organic website traffic from search engines due to a sudden drop in website search rankings is a significant loss. As a result, the sudden drop in rankings will cause a shock and panic to find solutions.

However, the possible causes range from penalties, links, algorithms, site changes, and UX. The important thing is to take appropriate steps instead of acting in an impatient manner. And that's why this guide should be useful for you.

Step1. Check if the search order has dropped

Before investigating the cause of the search drop, find out if your website ’s search ranking has really dropped on Google. Buy Organic Traffic and find out what so many already know ...  This traffic is highly targeted by keywords and geography If the ranking of the top-ranked page drops significantly, organic traffic and conversions will decrease, which will have a significant impact on revenue.

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