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How Does a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Advocate for Workers’ Rights?

Posted by MyPhillyWorkers on September 4th, 2019

In most cases, an injured worker thinks that he will be able to file a claim for his injury all by himself and would not require the help of a qualified attorney. However, it is highly recommended to hire one as he will be able to handle the situations that may arise during the course of any proceedings in a better manner. At the hearing of a Workers’ Compensation case, the injured attorney or his representative will be required to present substantial evidence supporting the claim. This can include evidence such as when, how and where the accident had happened, whether it had occurred as a result of any negligence on the part of the company, detailed account of the subsequent medical treatment undertaken by the employee among other essential details.

A good Workers comp lawyer Philadelphia will utilize the medical records of the client to clarify the extent up to which the client has suffered injuries along with the opinion of the physician regarding the ability of the client to work. He will also try to relate the injury of the client with his inability to work and how it has directly impacted his daily lifestyle. In some cases, he might call upon a medical expert to attest the ability of his client to resume working. A professional attorney knows the ways and means to trigger the hearing process. Typically the judge makes his decision within 30 days from the date of presenting evidence and hearing the testimony.

Getting the case settled through mediation

For situations where there is a possibility of the case taking longer to resolve a workers’ compensation attorney may try to settle the dispute through mediation. A mediator helps in getting the case resolved through a more creative and mutually acceptable resolution in the form of monetary arrangements or job assignments. The ultimate objective of the lawyer should be to resolve the case whether it is through Court proceedings or outside the Court.

Conditions when you don’t need a lawyer

Most people think of situations when they need to hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney. However, there might be circumstances which may not require any formal representation by an attorney. For the following cases, you would not require a lawyer to represent your case –

  • You suffered only from a minor injury with no major complications;
  • Your employer acknowledges the fact that you suffered an injury while at work;
  • Your employer acknowledges that the injury caused to you was a result of the work undertaken by you;
  • You are not suffering from any pre-existing condition that might complicate the existing claim.

But still, if you opt to hire a professional attorney, it will do you no harm as they can help you to get off with the claim with ease. There is no definitive moment that will signal that you need a Workers Comp lawyer PA for your compensation. It is up to you to make the initial call after suffering an injury at work so that the attorney can assist you with the best course of action. If you are confused whether or not to hire an attorney you can always ask for a free consultation to know what you are eligible to claim and what you are actually being offered. It might sound a bit awkward but the only way you can get to know your standing is by letting a professional evaluate your claim.

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