Household tips to remove chocolate stains:

Posted by markwahl barg on September 4th, 2019

If chocolate stains are stubborn and if you want to get rid of it using household things, you are here at the right space. New York Laundry has suggested some of the best household tips. 

Lukewarm milk is a home remedy to remove chocolate stains: Pour lightly tempered milk into a large bowl or bowl. Then soak the clothes with the dirt for about 30 minutes. Then rinse the chocolate stain with cold water and wash the clothing with the highest possible temperature in the washing machine.

Even with potato flour, you can tackle this annoying stain: Sprinkle this on the remaining grease stain and let it work well. The finely ground flour attracts and binds the fat molecules. 

After about 20 to 30 minutes you can brush the potato flour out of the stain again. Also with this household tip, you have to wash through the cloakroom at high temperature in the washing machine.

Another possibility for this staining problem is mineral water. But it must necessarily contain carbon dioxide. Give the carbonated water generously over the pollution and let it act. In the meantime, you should regularly rub your finger gently over the stain.

With flour and salt also good results are achieved and also, you have these two ingredients certainly in the house. First, sprinkle the salt on the chocolate stain and let it work for a while. Then shake this off and sprinkle flour over it, which you also leave on. After shaking off the flour, you can wash the fabric in the machine.

Remove chocolate stains from upholstered furniture:

When nibbling or snacking, a chocolate crumb falls on the sofa. Quick you sit this wide and noticed the mishap later. First, scrape off the chocolate mass again with a breakfast knife. 

Then wipe off the stain with a cloth, lukewarm water, and a little rinse without enlarging or smearing it. The detergent dissolves the grease and is absorbed by the cleaning cloth. Then treat the soiling with gall soap to remove the last shadows. 

Lastly, wipe dry the damp area with absorbent wipes.

Remove chocolate-containing stains from velvet & silk:

Silk and velvet are among the most sensitive fabrics, which is why the chocolate fat stain is often quite tight in the fabric. Alcohol from the pharmacy is your salvation here. Rub the spot with it and then wipe with lukewarm water.

Still, if you are in search of the best and easy way to remove stains, you can use New York Laundry dry cleaning service.

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