It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop

Posted by Evelyn Williams on September 4th, 2019

Life does not stop for anybody. It keeps on moving. Constant progress is necessary in order to earn success in life. We must set a goal for ourselves and target it to achieve. A person without a goal in life is like scrap which has nowhere to go. The pace in which it is achieved does not matter unless you are continuously working for it. 

Keeping the focus on the objective of your life will make you work hard for it. The effort is necessary irrespective of the time you take to gain success. Some people aim to get quick success. Thus they work really hard to achieve the targets they have set for themselves as fast as possible. There are others who prefer to move slow and steady keeping the goal in mind. With appropriate analysis, planning, and execution you can definitely reach your goal. Sometimes success may take time to come due to various atrocities of life but it will definitely come eventually with time. 

Life throws many challenges every now and then. It is necessary to overcome these challenges and move on towards your goal without stopping. These obstacles might slow your pace but it must not make you lose faith in yourself. Your determination can glide you over any hurdles in life. Believe in yourself and work hard concentrating on your goal.

Sometimes you may face failure in your initial days. Never accept defeat no matter how harsh it is. Getting disheartened with your failures can make you weak. Learn from your mistakes and make yourself ready for the upcoming struggles. It will help you to overcome it much swiftly. Learn to have patience. Patience makes a person strong with solid willpower and firmness that may lead your path to success

Never consider yourself incapable if you ever feel that you are lagging behind others in the race. Going slow has often proved to be a wise decision. It gives you the time to think about the strategies and knowledge you are lacking which is impeding your progress. It helps you to work efficiently towards your goals irrespective of time.

 In this context, our renowned childhood story of the race between a rabbit and a tortoise deserve mention which we have heard several times. The rabbit is a very fast and swift-moving animal. Whereas a tortoise is slow but steady. Still, the race was won by the tortoise as it has that tenacity to reach the finish line no matter how much time he takes. The rabbit was overconfidence about its winning and thus got diverted from the actual target. The tortoise knew that it cannot defeat the rabbit with pace so he moved in his own comfort and reached the goal ahead of the rabbit.

People remember your success and what you have achieved in life and not the time you have taken to gain it. Therefore accomplishing your goal of life is what matters the most to have a satisfying and successful life.

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