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How to Save on Your Monthly Bill through Internet-TV Bundle?

Posted by jennyrinn on September 4th, 2019

Choosing the same provider for all your services is a good idea to save money. Bundling offers two benefits to the people. Firstly, it offers discounts on services and secondly, dealing with one monthly bill.

Nowadays, Bundling has become a popular affair and almost all the service providers offer bundling packages to your customers. Services providers like Xfinity, Spectrum, Windstream, Verizon, Frontier, and CenturyLink all offer to bundle services to its customers.

Bundles are of two types, Double Play (TV+Internet) bundle, and Triple Play (TV+Internet+Home phone) bundle. Bundling lets you choose multiple services under one service provider and this, in turn, leads to saving on your monthly bills.

Lets us discuss how you can save on your monthly bill through bundle service.

  • One common monthly bill

By bundling TV, Internet and home phone services you only have to pay one monthly bill. Bundling lets you pay one monthly bill as all the services are from one service provider. This saves time and effort and avoids the chances of late fine as there is only one bill that you need to remember. One monthly bill also brings convenience as you need to call several numbers for help regarding any issue, all issues can be solved simply by calling at one number.

  • Cheaper than standalone services

You can enjoy much more services with bundling. A bundle plan usually costs less than the standalone services and offers more benefits. For instance, Xfinity Standard Triple Play bundle cost .99 per month while standalone services of internet, Tv and home phone would cost 0 per month. Hence Bundle provides you with services at a cheaper rate than the standalone prices.

  • Savings through additional benefits

Many bundle plans include additional benefit like free installation and activation, free modem, a free router, Price for Life, etc for which you would have had to pay when you would have chosen standalone service. These extra benefits are mostly given to bundle users only and through these added benefits you tend to save those extra costs.

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