Dislodged Tooth Should Be Treated Fast

Posted by PARTIK on September 4th, 2019

When a tooth is accidentally knocked out of the mouth, it may be fully disconnected or partially dislodged so that the damaged tooth is left hanging from the root or dental nerve. Tooth dislodgement and dental avulsion often occurs during contact sports, physical activity or unforeseen accidents.

Seek for an immediate emergency dental care for partial tooth dislodgement so that the tooth can be reinserted and restored to prevent infection and tooth decay also the tooth structure can be reinforced for healthy healing and dental function. Leaving the dislodged tooth untreated may result in further damage to the tooth and other dental structure.

It is often recommended by the dentists to wear a mouth guard during physical activity, sports and at night if teeth grinding is present. However, if tooth injury occurs accidentally, a tooth can dislodge without warning.

Children experience their milk teeth partially dislodge as their permanent teeth develop. To receive healthy teeth development in children, milk teeth should be monitored and assessed by a dentist. Children with oral injuries should seek immediate emergency dental care will restore tooth structure for healthy oral function.

Types of partial tooth dislodgement

Teeth can become partially dislodged in the following two main ways:

• Loosen tooth from the jaw bone
• Forced tooth into the gum tissue

Both these conditions are painful and can require different dental treatments in order to reduce discomfort and restore the damaged tooth. Untreated problem when leaved is detrimental to oral and overall health.

Once the tooth is dislodged, contact an emergency dentist to help preventing complications arising and aids to preserve the existing tooth structure. Typically, emergency dentist gives painkillers to the patients to relieve discomfort. An ice-pack can be applied to reduce bruising and swelling to the dental and facial injury.

Partially dislodged tooth can be saved by dental treatment, if emergency dental care is taken immediately after the tooth becomes dislodged. By not moving and touching the partially dislodged tooth, dentists can often re-insert it back to the tooth socket with a dental splint. This procedure enables the tooth to grow back to its normal position.

Modern dentistry can treat now any of the dental sports injuries, these injuries are of three types-

• Cracked Teeth: - A cracked or fractured tooth happens most often during sports while not wearing a mouth guard.
• Fractured Roots: - Possibility of fractured roots can happen when blowing at the wrong angle.
• Tooth Intrusion:- When a tooth is driven back into the jawbone, it is called intrusion.

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