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Posted by Queueme on September 4th, 2019

With flexible work hours, part-time working and remote working, companies are now dealing with the complication of calculating the minimum work hours, scheduling employees, planning shifts, and ensuring compliance. The Fair Labor Standards Act lays down the regulations for the minimum wage, employee shift scheduling, overtime pay and record keeping. Manually tracking all these aspects and managing employee scheduling can become a cumbersome task for your admin team.

An employee scheduling software can help you plan your employee’s schedules, calculate pay, ensure compliance and also keep track of overtime. This software program can be customized as per the specific requirements of your business.

Let’s take the case of scheduling the shifts of the airplane crew. According to the Flight Attendant Duty Period Regulation set by the US government, a flight attendant who has a duty period of 14 hours should have a rest period of minimum 9 consecutive hours. In some cases, the rest period can be reduced to 8 hours, if the next rest period for the said flight attendant is 10 hours. The duty hours and rest hours differ in case the flight attendant in on supplemental operations. Apart from these limitations, there are specific limitations to the number of takeoffs and landings in specific states.

So, while creating a schedule for one flight attendant, even for a week, all these limitations should be considered. It can be a chaotic job when the same needs to be applied for the 1000’s of flight attendants working for one airline.

Employee scheduling software takes away the challenges of organizing shifts and schedules. It automatically calculates duty and rest periods and correlates it with the duty flights of each attendant and helps you plan a schedule at the same time. The software will also maintain a track of each employee, their work hours, overtime and other details. So, with one software platform, you can not only manage your employee scheduling but also calculate their work hours and pay. The dashboard allows the stakeholders to view all the employees in a particular shift or the shift details of a particular employee.

Queueme employee scheduling software can be used in any company for easy and efficient workforce management. No matter, what are the employee work limitations are or the number of employees, the software can help you efficiently manage all the shift scheduling, payment calculation and record keeping. Contact us to know how Queueme scheduling software can be customized for your company.

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