Why You Should Set Up a Cloud-Based Visitor Management System in Your Company?

Posted by Queueme on September 4th, 2019

There are lots of people visiting a company on any given day. From vendors and delivery staff to candidates and clients, people keep coming in and going out all day long. The security personnel have to take the utmost care to keep track of all the visitors to the premises. It is not only for record purposes but also for security. A visitor management software offers an easy and convenient way to monitor visitors and manage them.

The benefits of setting up a cloud-based visitor management system are:

1. Cost Effective

The most important benefit of using a cloud-based system is its cost-effectiveness. Installing bulky servers in your premises will not only eat into your working capital but also take up a lot of your productive space. Plus, with a cloud-based system, you don’t need the support of on-premises tech support team. The cloud-service provider will take care of maintenance.

2. Data Storage

Cloud storage gives you plenty of space to store all the vital data related to your visitor management. Moreover, all the data can be backed and saved in a secure location and can be accessed at any time you need it.

3. Data Security

Cloud-based visitor management system ensures that all your visitor information is securely stored. There are chances that system may crash, get hacked or damaged, leading to loss of data. All that can be prevented by storing all your data in the Cloud.

4. Automatic Updates

The cloud-system will be regularly updated with the latest security features and data backup features. So, you can be assured that all the vital information is safe.

5. Access from Multiple Locations

The biggest advantage of using a cloud-based system is that you can access the data from anywhere. Whether you want to access data real time or check data from the last few years, it can be done from any location.

6. Transparency

All the visitor data in the visitor management software can be accessed by authorized persons anytime and anywhere. It adds a layer of transparency to your process. Moreover, it enables different teams to get real-time updates regarding visitors.

7. Environmentally friendly

When you use a cloud-based server for your visitor management system, you reduce the use of servers that consume a lot of power. This, in turn, reduces your firm’s carbon footprint, which makes your business environment friendly.

Want to know more about the visitor management system and how it can benefit your business? Queueme offers advanced visitor management software that can be used to track, monitor and record all the visitors to your company. Contact us to know more about this system.

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