How To Purchase Champion Sunroom Kits

Posted by hw on September 5th, 2019

Selecting the right kit is essential to the sunroom of your dreams. Make sure that the size fits in all the furniture that you plan to place inside it. The size of the sunroom kits should be such that it compliments with the other rooms of the house. Moreover, it should not look as if it is an extra part of your house protruding outside, but it should appear as an integral part of the room beside which it is placed. The sunroom kit includes a number of items with the help of which even you can build your sunroom yourself. But, before purchasing sunroom kits, there are a few factors that you should consider.

Factors To Consider

One of the chief factors that you should keep at the back of your mind is the foundation of the sunroom. It should compile with the codes of the local building. Consider the climatic condition of your area. If in winter your area freezes, you need a foundation that goes around four feet deep below the frost line. This will ensure that the foundation of the sunroom does not contract and expand with the ground depending on the weather. If the area where you want to build the sunroom is a level land, it is best to place slabs to achieve concrete block foundation sunroom. If you can not do so, you will have to place a framed foundation and top it with footings that are concrete. The walls of the peripheral foundation should be of cement block or concrete.

The second factor to consider is the roof. Other than the roof of the prefabricated and all glass sunroom, the other ones generally have roofs that are framed with the aid of joists of varying spacing, sizes and insulation. You can also give skylight opening on the roofs. Make sure that the glass used in the sunroom complies with the safety codes of local buildings. Usually the windows of the roof and the set skylights meet the requirements of safety system.

The third factor to consider while purchasing the do it yourself sunroom kit is the type of wall that you will need. There are mainly three types - PVC, wood and aluminum. The PVC walls have good insulation and require very little maintenance. They are extremely economical and are available in varying colors. The walls of wood will lend an authentic look to the room and requires frequent maintenance. They are costlier than the PVC ones and can be easily painted or stained. The aluminum sunrooms are almost like the PVC ones but it does not have good insulation capability. They are less expensive than wood and more than the PVC ones.

Contents Of The Sunroom Kit

Some of the common contents of the sunroom kit include the foundation material, the wall material, the doors and windows, the roofs, nuts and bolts, ball bearing wheels, panels and more. They include roof glazing, wall glazing, selection of single or double pane types, doors that can be easily fit into any place, aluminum frames with hollow tubes in white and bronze color. They are provided with clear wall glazing to allow maximum amount of light transmission. The panels also have solar guard glazing for reducing heat by the maximum amount. The frames can be purchased according to the design that will suit your house best. The frames in white and bronze can give you a finish of baked enamel. They are available in various sizes. You can opt for the Cathedral type with vaulted ceilings and slanting roofs. The Conservatory style uses numerous glasses in the roof that merge into a single beam. You can give a classic touch to your room by styling it in Victorian and Georgian models. They can also be styled in Straight and Curved forms. The Insulation Factor

A sunroom is built with the aim of providing round the year comfort. But to indulge in daily work or enjoy nature sitting in your sunroom, you need to make the glass enclosed area well insulated. In order to maximize insulation, you need to opt for an insulation material with a higher grade. As far as the studs are concerned, it is best to install larger size studs measuring 2X6 for enhanced insulation. Glazing is an important factor that controls the amount of heat and light in and out of your room. It is best to select a high performance material for glazing which can collect the natural light, block the rays of the sun and retain heat if you need it. Thus, make sure that before you purchase the sunroom kit, you have properly chalked out your requirements according to your budget on the size, style, color, walls, panels, and overall appearance of your sunroom. This simple task will provide you with an all season sunroom that will not only keep your comfortable and cozy, but will also enhance the overall appearance of your house.

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