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Traveling to the united states is way easier now. An ESTA is an easy way for you as now all you need to do is just apply for an ESTA and you can travel to the US without any hassle. The visa waiver program allows the citizens of particular countries to travel to the united states without obtaining a visa but instead of that, you can obtain an ESTA application. This definitely means that traveling to the united states has become a lot very simpler. But there are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow in a correct manner as there are certain complications that will arise if you won’t follow the simple and basic rules.

However, the rules can change at any time. Because it is the US government that is granting the US visas and other forms of traveling authorization including the ESTA.

It is always important for you to stay connected with the visa waiver program in order to be sure about what form of travel authorization is needed to visit the united states.

 How Long Can You Stay On An ESTA?

ESTA is an electronic system for travel authorization it is a system that is tasked with the role of determining who is eligible to visit the united states based on the visa waiver program (VWP) and whether or not they pose any security risk whatsoever. One of the important things you should note that the ESTA is only applicable to the citizens of VWP countries traveling to the united states by water and air. 

You should be aware of the rules as the people traveling on ESTA are only allowed to live in the United States for the period of 90 days and if they plan to stay in America for more than the required time period we would like to recommend you that you must apply for the USA visa. As staying above the 90 days will definitely get you deported as the rules are really strict for the tourists. 


ESTA when to apply:

The most important thing you should focus on esta when to apply. It is very important for you to apply for ESTA before a particular time period as later on if by chance your ESTA application gets rejected you will be having some amount of time left with you to directly apply for the US visa. 

ESTA validity: 

An ESTA is valid for a period of two years or till your passport expires you can make multiple trips between these two years. Whichever comes first always make sure to check the ESTA validity period before boarding the plane to the US. always try to be cautious when it comes to your ESTA as you can face certain problems in the US which can definitely bring a lot many problems on your trip. 

ESTA is a wonderful way through which you can visit the United States of America. Esta impacts a lot many things if you are traveling under the visa waiver program. Try to do everything under the ESTA by properly following the rules and regulations as it will make your trip to the US a smooth one. 

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