5 Essential things To keep Your Custom T Shirts Long Lasting

Posted by Sophia Alice on September 5th, 2019

Don’t get us wrong but it certainly becomes difficult to keep track of your custom t shirts when they get old or you wear the design quite too often. Personalized T shirts have the affinity of becoming old, dented, worn out, and their designs to splurge with washing. The truth, however, is that these shirts and their designs can become blur and discolored as well. The only choice after this mishap leaves the shirt in either a dustbin or a closet, never to be seen again. Don’t worry though, our top notch experts and researchers have found 5 different techniques to help you out. These techniques are focused to improvise the washing experience while taking care of your custom printed apparel.

Techniques to sway you away

Here are some simple and effective techniques which will allow your create your own t-shirt to become more long lasting and vibrant.

1.      The inside-out technique

Like we promised, we’re going to keep it simple, straightforward, and effective for your custom printed apparels. The inside out technique advocates a different set of value to the garment because it protects the designs. A custom t shirt is known by its design and needs to protect it from washing and harmful detergents. In order to apply this technique, you need to perform the following steps.

  • Turn your shirts inside out
  • Put them in cold water
  • Soften them with friendly products

2.      Similar clothes need to be together

This probably goes without saying that the first practice before every wash is to separate out different types of colors from each other. This separation explains the process of whites and creating separate shifts with the colored ones. However, the secret behind maintaining vibrant and flawless custom t shirts is to keep a check on textures as well. This texture checking explains the process of washing similar textures together. The science behind this process explains how different textures often scrap together in the washer. This causes the fabric to peel off and hence destroy the printed design as well.

3.      Using cold water ONLY

The age old debate about hot and cold water has plagued different types of laundry freaks because of various beliefs. Many people think that warm water has the affinity to provide cleaner clothes. This is because the water does not destroy fabrics and kills off different types of pathogens and bacteria. In this particular debate, we side with cold water because it is typically good for washing custom t shirts. This is mainly because the cold water does not damage the ink by distilling it and consumes less amount of electric supply.

4.      Say no to bleach

Bleach has practically saved and ruined various clothes around the world because of non-experts and inexperienced people using it on their own terms. The bleaching agents work fine with various garments in terms of improving their washing experience. On the other hand, custom printed apparels printed on cotton require softer materials. This is mainly because the custom t shirts are printed on soft textile. If you advocate bleach to the washing process, it can practically remove your design and damage the color.

5.      Keep them away from heat

The last and final advice we have is to protect your custom t shirt from direct heat which includes Iron or sunlight. You might wonder about the times when you wear your apparel in the direct sunlight (which is also harmful) but positioning them right after a wash will definitely hurt the fabric.

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