10 Best Free Password Managers

Posted by freemexy on September 5th, 2019

Password Manager helps to create strong passwords to protect your devices, online bank accounts and other data sources from unauthorized access.
In this article, we highlight the best open-source password managers for Android, Mac, and iPhone.
Do we really need a password manager?
It is very difficult to manage different passwords for so many accounts online, and encrypting passwords for everyone is an important issue. If your password is weak, it’s a small case for hackers who can easily crack your account by using powerful technology. A strong password should contain at least six characters, including capital letters and majuscule, a combination of symbols and numbers. It is recommended that each account have a unique password and it is a bad idea to reuse the password. Remembering all passwords is not an easy task, there is a free password manager application to help you remember your passwords.
How does the password manager work?
The password manager can keep your password secure and simplify your life application. The password manager is used to automatically enter a password in the login form.
With the free password manager application, all your credentials are encrypted with the master password, and you only need to remember the master password. For encrypted passwords, administrators use algorithms such as AES-256 and BCCRYPT.
Is there a free password manager?
Yes, we have compiled one of the best top 10 free password manager leaderboards, which will ease the burden of remembering all the passwords you need to log in to your account. So, just type in the master password for the free password manager and then automatically populate the site with the data in a matter of seconds.
10 best free password managers
4.Sticky Password
5.Zoho Vault
10.Enpass Password Manager
With the using of Password Manager, I also strongly recommend you to use a VPN at the same time since a VPN can encrypt your traffic so that no one can hack your account.

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