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Tips for Winning and Earning In Sports Betting

Posted by betsapi on September 5th, 2019

Winning a sports betting is not less than a challenging task. If you are looking for the best strategies, then there are not any proper strategies that you can use to win or earn in sports betting. However, we can say that earning from sports betting generally depends on three factors: Edge, Turnover, and stake size. The edge refers to a positive or negative percentage; the total turnover means several bets and stake size means average. Take a look at the detailed explanation of these factors:

Three factors for earning in sports betting

Edge: It is of two types, positive or negative. Positive edge means the more you play, the more you will earn, and the negative edge means the more you play, the more you will lose. So it is totally up to you, what you want to do.

Turnover: Turnover refers to the total number of bets. This strategy will be used to determine the chances of winning or losing during a particular period. Now, multiply both edge and turnover, you will get the expected value.

Stake Size: Stake size means average. It used to determine the variance during a period. Low stakes refer to less variance, and large stakes refer to more variance. With less variance, only small swings take place, and with more variance, big swings take place. Moreover, the expected values did not change with the changing in stakes.

Winning Tips for Sport Betting

There are various ways to win in sports betting; some of them are:

Steam Chasing and Line Shopping

It is an easy method with which you can enhance the edge value. With this, you will find the most trusted sharp lines and Sports Data API websites that update the data very slow. The last hour before starting the game is the perfect time to do this. You need to make a list of a team with -3 edge value and then dropping the team from it. This will help you to chase the stream.

Bonus Chasing

With sports betting you can get a good value for the bonus. Sports books often reload bonuses for the players who make deposits. It is not less than gold mine if you will play correctly. You can earn well during the on-off time, but it becomes quite tough during busy times such as championship league, world cup, or any other particular game. At that time, all professionals focus only on this betting, so it becomes quite difficult.

Things to Avoid While Sports Betting

If you want to always win in sports betting, you need to pay attention to the things that you need to avoid. There are many things that you should avoid during sports betting.

  • Avoid paying -120 if -110 available readily.
  • Never bet more than normal.
  • These games are usually played on TV or the internet, so you should be aware of the rules.
  • Avoid betting with your neighbors. It is not less than a painful situation when you lose with the heavy deal, and it also affects your image.
  • Avoid future betting
  • Avoid teaser betting

You can get better earnings by following above winning methods and avoiding the above-mentioned things. Here at BetsAPI, we offer experienced and trustable betting services. You can visit our website to get sports feed, including cricket feed, football feed, basketball feed, and many other sports games feed.  However, if you want to play professionally, you should take some appropriate measures to remain profitable.

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