What Are The Different Types of Bittorrent Seedbox?

Posted by Susan California on September 5th, 2019


Seedbox is a dedicated server used for the purpose of seeding- uploading or downloading torrent files continuously. A reliable BitTorrent Seedbox not only provides higher speed for file sharing but also provides a secure way to torrent and also provides greater spaces for keeping the media stored.

Nowadays most of the seedbox providers offer seedbox which comes with the speed of 1GBPS speeds and this is the most ideal speed to stream media from multiple devices.

In here, we have discussed the different types of seedboxes which are generally used by individuals or for commercial purposes. In general, there are 3 types of seedboxes and these are – Dedicated Seedbox, VPS Seedbox, and Shared Seedbox


Dedicated Seedbox

A dedicated seedbox is hosted and set up on a dedicated server and using such a seedbox ensures that no one else other than you is using or sharing the resources of the particular server. Often times the seedbox provider also offers the user with the root access. The dedicated seedbox is ideal for commercial use since the seedbox is bit expensive and also not the ideal one for beginners.

VPS Seedbox

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Seedbox is set up on a virtual private server and the user of the seedbox only gets a portion of the server’s space for file sharing.  Often times many seedbox providers also offer the user with root access while others don’t. The VPS seedbox is relatively cheaper compared to the dedicated seedbox and is ideal for intermediate users.

Shared Seedbox

A shared seedbox is the most popular type of seedbox for casual users and comes with the least setup and configuration requirements and also incredibly easy to use. With a shared seedbox, multiple user’s accounts are set up and all users have access to the resources



There are many advantages to owning a seedbox. In case you are wondering what to look for when choosing a seedbox then you must consider the following-


Just like any other purchase, when choosing a seedbox you should first recognize how much you are willing to spend for the seedbox

Space & Speed

When choosing the seedbox, look for the storage space of the server. Along with the storage, other important factors to look for when selecting the seedbox is the upload and download speed.

Customer Support

Better customer support is important to get started with seedbox as a beginner and this is why you should also prioritize this aspect before purchasing seedbox

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