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You should follow these tips when washing your towels:

Posted by markwahlbarg on September 5th, 2019

Washing towels periodically is indeed a tiring job and that is the reason why many women prefer to wash it with professional dry cleaning service. That is the best and easiest option to wash it like a pro! However, here in the following, we have given some of the best information on washing towels at home.

At how many degrees are towels washed?

The hotter the better? Nowadays it is no longer necessary to cook anything because detergents have become more and more efficient in recent years. That's why today they can be used at low temperatures.

For towel hygiene, this means: it does not have to be 90 degrees anymore (only for heavy soiling), 60 degrees is enough.

To get towels hygienically clean, they should, therefore, be washed at a minimum of 60 ° C. Only at these temperatures, a large part of the bacteria is killed. Washing the towels at lower temperatures can cause foul odors.

However, if you want to find out exactly and do not want to be sure, exact information about the suitable washing temperature is always given on the sewed on the care label, so it's worth taking a look at it. White towels can be washed at 95 ° C.

Keep an eye on care labels:

When towels cleaning, please note that each towel has different material and care properties. So carefully read the sewed on care label before putting your towels in the washing machine.

Presumably, you know that the towel looks so good after washing, but the sewn-in trim stretches after washing unattractive.

Especially colored towels or towels with patterns or embroidery can lose their color and shape at the usual 60 ° C.

So if you own towels that should be washed according to the manufacturer at 40 ° C, you should stick to it. If you are concerned about hygiene now, you can use a hygiene rinse in addition to a high-quality detergent. This ensures that the towels come clean and germ-free from the washing machine despite the low temperatures.

Pre-sort towels:

You must sort towels before towels cleaning. It should be sorted nicely by color. Means: The towels want to be separated and that for dark, white and red or bright colors.

So if you do not have a cheerful uniform gray or run-away colors or would like to color white towels in pink, it's good to stick to it.

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