Benefits of Clash of Clans Gift Cards

Posted by Robert Wadra on September 5th, 2019

Clash of Clans Gift Cards Clash of Clans doesn't have Gift Cards, and they have Gems which is the currency of Clash of Clans. You can use Google Play Gift Card and iTunes Gift Card to buy Gems and other things in the Clash of Clans.

Benefits of clash of clans

The benefits which are given below are of the Gift Cards which you can use to buy Gems and then use gems to buy all things in the Clash of Clans.

If you 'don't know how to use Clash of Clans Gems, then it is quite easy. For using it, you 'don't have to do something complicated just read the Clash of Clans Guide.

Following are the things which you can buy with the help of Clash of Clans Gift Card:

1. Buy Gems with the help of Clash of Clans Gift Cards

Clash of Clans doesn't have the Gift Cards you can buy or Earn free Clash of Clans Gift Cards from and they are giving you Google Play Gift Card and iTunes Gift Card buy which you can buy the Gems in Clash of Clans.

The balance will be added to your iTunes account if you use iTunes Gift Card or if you use Google Play Gift Card the balance will add in your google play store account. Then when you make a purchase, your balance will be used toward the purchase.

Redeem the card onto your account, and click on 'buy' in the app - your account's balance should automatically be charged for the purchase.

2. Help to get silver or golden shield in Clash of Clans

When you get the Gems with the help of Gift Cards, then you can buy or get silver or golden shield from your friend those have it on the base of Gems or many more things.

Players can access the Season Challenges menu by tapping on the silver/golden shield icon to the right of the Attack button. The color of the shield icon depends on whether or not the player has purchased the Gold Pass.

3. Gem Donations in Clash of Clans

There are lots of advantage of Donations Gem in Clash of Clans we need to take advantage of it. Those who are working their bases to get the new level troops.

Which in turn they will progress and be better and then they will do their part at war the one gem event, to get a real number of how many someone has donated.

Now 'let's come to the second part. You see how the name is a donation and not a loan. When you donate something you 'don't recover it. You donate it. You give it away. So yeah, there is no option to recover donated troops after some time.

There is something else that might fall under your idea of improving the soldiers. Your request for the same forces that you gave and effectively had them back for use in attacks as well as defense.

4. Buy Hero Skin in Clash of Clans

Hero Skins were introduced in the Spring update and can be obtained by completing the Season Challenges.

Every Season Challenges will reward a unique skin to a hero. Skins don't affect stats or gameplay. It is an aesthetic item that will not improve the Hero in any way.

To unlock an exclusive hero skin, you must buy the Gold Tier (.99) for the season and complete enough challenges to get the final reward.

5. Buy Silver-tier and Gold tier

I know that supercell is a business and didn't put gems because it wants players to spend money to buy the premium tier directly.

So what I am proposing is to provide value to someone who wants to spend money, meaning that you can either choose to buy the gold tier with 4.99$ or with 1000 (or maybe 2000 gems).

4.99 gives you about 500 gems, that way players who choose to spend real money will get more value than purchasing the tier with gems, and f2p players can buy a month with a skin they want.

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