Automotive Oil Strainer Market to Witness Comprehensive Growth by 2029

Posted by ankush Nikam on September 5th, 2019

Automotive Oil Strainer: Introduction

Automotive oils strainer solutions are integrated into automobiles to capture large-sized contaminants. These large-sized contaminants refer to impurities larger than 40 Microns. Automotive oil strainer solutions having a 60 mesh strainer container possess the ability to capture contaminants of sizes exceeding 240 Micron level. 100 mesh automotive oil strainer solutions capture impurities of sizes exceeding 150 Micron level. The automotive oil strainer mesh to Micron correlation can be determined by the total number of square-shaped gaps across a linear inch. Automotive oil strainer modules are less flow restrictive as compared to the automotive oil strainers. Mostly they are employed in the suction pumps.

Automotive Oil Strainer: Market Dynamics

Automotive oil strainers are more capable of eradicating metal and other waste from the oil which enhances the engine life by saving it from unnecessary damage. Thus, automotive oil strainers prolong engines life as it removes dirt and debris that can affect other engine parts, such as pistons & cylinders. Hence, over the forecast period, the automotive oil strainer market is predicted to foresee an optimistic growth. Further, the automotive oil strainer enables an apt flow of air to the engine, thus, maintaining the air-fuel ratio, which in turn, reduces the emission from the vehicle. Additionally, various regions including Europe, have imposed stringent regulations on the carbon footprint of each vehicle. Consequently, the aforementioned factors are stipulated to drive the market of automotive oil strainers over the forecast period. Further, installation of automotive oil strainers reduces the chance of spark plug ignition risks that can cause drivability issues coupled with consumer’s inclination towards safe driving to boost the growth of the automotive oil strainers market in coming years.     

Furthermore, the prime trend in the automotive industry; emission control by reducing fuel consumption, to propel the market share of the automotive oil strainers in the industry. 

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Among the vehicle type, the passenger cars segment is estimated to hold a significant share in the automotive oil strainers market owing to the huge fleet size of passenger cars in the industry. However, the heavy commercial vehicle sub-segment is anticipated to witness comparatively high year over year growth as they run for long miles and long hours which need frequent replacement.        

Automotive Oil Strainer: Market Segmentation

With respect to the vehicle category, the global Automotive Oil Strainer market can be segmented into the following,

  • Passenger Cars
    • Compact Cars
    • Mid-Sized Cars
    • Luxury
    • SUVs
  • Commercial Vehicles
    • LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles)
    • HCVs (Heavy Commercial Vehicles)

With respect to the cover type, the global Automotive Oil Strainer market can be segmented into the following,

  • Floating Type Automotive Oil Strainer
  • Fixed Type Automotive Oil Strainer

With respect to the sale channel, the global Automotive Oil Strainer market can be segmented into the following,

  • OEMs
  • Aftermarket

Automotive Oil Strainer: Regional Market Outlook

North America and Europe automotive oil strainer markets may continue to dominate the global automotive oil strainer market during the forecast period. Moreover, the emergence of rigorous regulations, especially due to growing awareness about health issues and the environmental impact of air pollutants, is the principal driver for the automotive oil strainer market in both the regions. The China automotive oil strainer market is estimated to be next owing to the swift adoption of advanced automobile auto parts. The automotive oil strainer market in the Middle East & Africa and Latin America are estimated to grow at above-average pace over the projected period.

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Automotive Oil Strainer: Market Key Players

Some of the major participants operating in the global Automotive Oil Strainer market include:

  • Parker Hannifin Corp 
  • Delphi Auto Parts
  • DaikyoNishikawa Corporation
  • Lucas Industries Ltd
  • Champion Laboratories, Inc.
  • Triple R America
  • Anhui Meiruier filter co.,ltd
  • ALCO Filters Ltd.

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