Understanding Compliance Training

Posted by kunal on September 6th, 2019

Almost every organization needs to comply with some or another regulation. There are countless regulations that organizations have to comply with. Many regulations are general in nature, some are specific to an industry, and others are specific to employee types. Whatever the nature of these regulations; it is true that all organizations need compliance training.

Why is compliance training needed? 

Is compliance so important or complex that it needs training on? The answer is a clear 'yes'. This is because compliance is so vast and varied that as we saw; there is no single set of compliance standards across entire industries. Even though many industries carry out work that seems similar or related; there is a big difference in their actual implementation. For this part; compliance training is not only a must, it should also be very specific to a number of parameters.

Which organizations need compliance training? 

Asking which kinds of organizations need compliance is like asking how many citizens need to abide by the law of the land. The simple answer is that everyone is obliged and legally bound to obey laws passed by the highest legislative body of the concerned nation. In the same way; compliance is a must for every kind of organization, be it small or big or local or international. For most of these organizations; there has to be some person or group of persons who train employees about the various aspects of regulations. This is why training is needed by every organization.

What kind of compliance training is needed? 

Each organization has its unique compliance needs. If the organization is in say, the chemical industry, it has its own set of regulations that need to be complied with. The regulatory body or authority would have a set of guidelines that need to be adhered to. They are specific to the chemical industry. The unit has to comply with all these compliance requirements. For this, it goes without saying that it needs expert guidance. This is best availed from qualified training professionals. This is what compliance is all about.

Who will impart the compliance training? 

This is a very important element of an organization's decision to go ahead with compliance training for its employees. It has to make a choice from among many experts who are available to impart compliance training. The organization has to take a call on the level of expertise and experience of the trainer. This training is effective when it is given by an expert who has been certified by respective regulatory bodies.

What is the purpose of compliance training? 

The entire purpose for which training is carried out is that without compliance; organizations land in a lot of trouble in terms of both law and business. First of all, organizations are legally bound to be compliant with regulations that are specific to their industry. Secondly, being in compliance will ensure better products. This is the ultimate aim of all regulation. Regulation is not something that is done according to the whims and fancies of the regulatory authorities. They are done with the aim of ensuring that products that enter the market are safe and certified as being so. To ensure that all these fall in place, compliance training is a must for organizations. 

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