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Posted by Anand on September 6th, 2019

Extramarks Education is an internet teaching portal that offers learners a range of tools that assist them to learn and advance their school with a clearer knowledge of the many subjects that form part of the curriculum. The company was founded by Atul Kulshrestha in 2007 and has served learners of all classes taking help from this online website for students. The company has created a worldwide presence to enhance its reliability. Different apps have been created for special reasons. Some examples of the apps produced by the firm can be the following: the Kids Learning App, The Learning App, NEET Preparation App, EMILY, IIT JEE Test Prep App, CA Foundation App, etc. All these have been serving millions of users with quality characteristics and helping them develop in their academic fronts. The Extramarks Learning App has had many features. The app has supporting funds for both CBSE and ICSE panels. Extramarks Education has enabled millions of learners to turn their scholarly life entirely. Videos and modules are very interesting on this platform and helpful in providing an interactive learning experience, both at the app and on Youtube. An expert group has curated everything at Extramarks Education. These experts are professionals from different areas of education as well as other fields that help develop better content for the leaners. Professionals in areas such as layout and animation are also a part of the 3500 home-team of Extramarks. At any time and everywhere, the company seeks to offer learners the highest quality education. The applications produced by the company function as an escort for learners, who are always available to them every day. The apps have various features, including progress tracking, enabling the software to track the development of a student and to provide personalized input into the student's enhancement. This enables students to better comprehend themselves in scholarly terms and enables them to recognize their weaknesses and regions that they have enhanced. The company also provides schools in combination with a curriculum with digital learning options. This has affected student engagement as well as the results of the teaching. In Extramarks Smart Classes students can now view modules and videos at their classrooms and then return back and learn from the same modules and photos, which demonstrate the concept in a way that leaves the student without any questions. Click on the link provided for help with NCERT 12 Political Science.

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