Office Security Firewalls: Their Importance In The Organizations!!!

Posted by vastechnologies on September 6th, 2019

There are many organizations that switch to cloud-based services and then question their requirement for office security firewalls. They see no point in continuing to spend money on on-premise security. For the small businesses out there, the thought of getting rid of office security firewalls seems the right choice as they view it as a way of reducing expenses.

When the cloud services can make documents easily accessible to the team members and also improve your overall security stance, then why is it that you require a firewall? Here is why…

  • Cloud security does not suffice. No doubt that your business gets the much-needed protection by switching to the cloud, but it still cannot safeguard your technical infrastructure from dangers. Just by securing your data by storing it in the cloud does not mean that the other assets in your office are not at the target of miscreants. Without an office security firewall, you will unnecessarily expose every bit of technology in your office to cyber-attackers, including servers, computers, wireless hardware, and printers.
  • Firewalls safeguard you from the Internet. If there are too many machines in your office that access the Internet every single day, you know there is more work going on in those computers than only working in the cloud. They must be visiting various social media sites, googling things, checking their emails, and more. In the process, they might stumble upon some site that is not secured. Imagine what happens when one of your employees visits an unsecured site that infects their machine and later on when they try to access the secured data in the cloud, it may cause huge loss of confidential data. This is why it is very important to have proper office security firewalls.

What can office security firewalls do for you?

No matter how much caution your employees practice while carrying out their work, having office security firewalls is a must. It is true that your cloud provider will keep your data secure and available at all times, but the same cannot be said about your office computers and if the network is even a little bit vulnerable, there will be risks of data threat. By choosing to have office security firewalls in place, you can evaluate everything that enters your computers. The best part if that firewalls can effectively protect everything in real-time.

Now, when your employees are going to do their work from the office, the firewalls will be able to filter out the bad traffic, but what when they need to access the cloud from elsewhere, like cafes, hotels, or their home Wifi? In such scenarios, you need to train your employees to identify dangerous sites, threats, and malicious infections. Another very important thing that you must do is to safeguard the devices that they use with antivirus software and encryption. You must also use a VPN to enable employees to use the office network remotely. All of these steps will completely safeguard all the data of your organization just the way you want!     

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