Long Distance Moving Tips

Posted by MyLongDistanceMovers on September 6th, 2019

Tips For Long-Distance Moving

Moving long-distance will take a lot of planning. If you want your move to run smoothly, there are a lot of tips that you can use. These tips will cover every aspect of your move and may not be something that you have considered.

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Plan Your Move

The best tip you can use is to plan your long-distance move in advance. It is recommended that you start your planning at least three months in advance. This is particularly important when it comes to contacting moving companies. Reputable long-distance movers will be booked months in advance. This is particularly true when you are moving during peak times. These peak times will be in the summer months, and if you can put your move off until the winter, you will have an easier time booking a moving company. 

Choose The Right Moving Company

While it is possible to complete your long-distance move yourself, there are a lot of problems you could face with this, which is why it is recommended that you hire a professional moving company instead.  However, you need to be careful with which company you choose because not all long-distance moving companies are right for your needs.

When looking at moving companies, you should check that they have a USDOT number. All long-distance moving companies will need this number to operate legally. You can use this number to check if there are any official complaints against the company. You should never hire a long distance moving-company that has formal complaints against them.

You also need to check the reviews for each of the companies you are looking at. While excellent moving companies might have poor reviews, you need to scrutinize them carefully. You should never work with a company that has multiple recent negative reviews. 

Downsize Your Possessions

According to mylongdistancemovers.com before you have an in-home estimate done by a professional moving company, you should look at downsizing. Long-distance movers will use weight as part of their price calculations. Getting rid of any bulky items which you don’t need any longer, will reduce your costs and make it easier for the movers to move your items. 

When downsizing your possessions, you need to consider how often you use the items. If you have not used something in the last one year, you should consider getting rid of it. You can donate these items to charity, or sell them. 

Pack Your Items Correctly

Many moving companies insist they pack your items to ensure they are safe and will not be damaged during the move. Other companies have no problem with you packing everything yourself. If you are packing yourself, you need to ensure that everything is packed correctly. 

Take the time to wrap all your fragile items before they are placed in boxes. Each of these boxes will need to be correctly labeled, so you know where everything is. If you have glass items that are not in boxes, you should wrap them in a bubble wrap to protect them. 

To pack correctly, you should also have a packing schedule. The rooms in your home that you do not often use should be packed first. You need to leave the kitchen and bathroom for last as they are essential areas. You also need to ensure you pack a first night box that has everything you need for your first night in your new home. 

There are many tips that you can use when moving long-distance. You should hire a professional moving company and ensure that they are operating legally. You should also ensure that you plan your move with enough time to book the moving company.

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