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Décor is an important aspect of your house so that people can feel good about where they are. Your place must enhance your comfort and have a positive vibe, which influences everyone in presence. Décor depicts your lifestyle, and thus, it must correctly display what you are. If you have a Radha Krishna idol at your place, it will represent that you are a person with religious emotions. It might just be a statue for a person, but for others, it can mean so much more!

People have been decorating spaces with paintings, plants, and portraits, but gone are the days when we used to put pieces of 2D art for decoration. No one can deny that every skill has a trend, and right now, the trend favors statues, sculptures, and idols. Brass idols have currently become a significant sensation in society.

People are shifting towards sculptures because of the effect they have on people. Apart from the good vibes, these sculptures are not as expensive as other décor material readily available in luxury outlets. It has become a very common sight to have brass gods idols at homes, offices, and even cafes, and for all the right reason! These idols help in spreading positivity and hope. They look decorative as well as add a touch of sophistication to the place. All you need to do is to find the right place for your statue, and you are done. They are placed at entrances, near the dining area, and even in the gardens these days.

 It all started with the Buddha statues due to its association with peace and serenity, but now people have even started opting for other brass idols of Hindu gods as per their religious beliefs and the beauty of the statue. In the end, it all boils down to how you want your place to feel like when you enter.

 Paintings and plants might be attractive to look at, but they will never have a feeling of satisfaction and reality within them. These molded figures add beauty as well as an emotion to the place, which cannot be matched. Switching to sculptures and statues is not only trending but also make people reflect on themselves. No matter where they are placed, their beauty never fails to attract your attention and give a sense of meaning to your life.

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