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Posted by Terry Ramsay on September 6th, 2019

For good reasons, more and more companies today want to work with eco-friendly cleaning contractors. It helps to uphold corporate commitments to environmental responsibility and can be healthier for employees. In New York City, some of the most exceptional eco-friendly office cleaning NYC has to offer is now provided by SanMar Building Services. Eco cleaning includes both the use of fewer disposable items and products that are strong and effective, but easier on the environment. The goal of sustainability is essential, and now you don't need to sacrifice quality when it becomes your way of doing business. Recent advances in methods and product formulations support the need for environmental responsibility in commercial janitorial service, and more companies are adopting these practices every day. It's all part of an overall trend toward working smarter, which also means updated in cleaning methods to make them more efficient and updated implements that are more effective and often time-saving as well. If you're in the process of interviewing contractors and accepting proposals, make sure to ask detailed questions about the service to be provided. Many more fine points and smaller details add up to make all the difference in the quality of the service you receive.

What are some of the improvements you can expect? The most obvious answer is the use of eco-friendly cleaning products. Recent developments have made these compounds just as effective as their predecessors while being much gentler on the environment. They also are gentler on the humans who come into contact with them, and this represents a win-win situation all around. Gone are the harsh chemical smells that were not only unpleasant but also irritating for those who suffer from asthma and allergies. Then there is the added value of reusability. For sanitary and disinfecting reasons, some cleaning items need to remain disposable. But for many others, it is safe and easy to reuse items that previously might have been discarded. Added up over time, this can make a significant contribution to reducing the waste generated by your office cleaning. Better contractors also provide specialized care in an environmentally responsible manner for your restrooms. They need sanitizing and disinfecting, unlike other rooms and require daily care for all fixtures, dispensers, dividers, and counters. Because bathrooms play such an essential role in people's opinions about overall office cleanliness, it's necessary to have them spotless at all times.

Upholding corporate commitments to environmentally is increasingly essential advances. On the dust removal front, which is equally vital to overall cleanliness, the improvements in high-filtration vacuums make a valuable contribution. Improved indoor air quality is both more pleasant and much healthier. Also, if your office includes carpeted and upholstered areas, keeping these spots dust-free adds to their useful life and makes them more enjoyable to use. Together with proper filter changes in your HVAC system, daily vacuuming can make an enormous quality-of-life improvement in your workplace. Dust mites are known allergens and eradicating them along with the dust is healthier and more hygienic. Wood surfaces also require special care and newer, environmentally safe cleaning products can extend their useful lives also. Your company makes a significant investment in furniture and having it well maintained and looking its best is an added plus. Also, if you have a sleek, modern space that is minimal, even the smallest amount of dust and dirt are immediately visible, so good office cleaning is essential to have.

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