Different Types of Staircases for Modern Homes

Posted by steelstairsandgates on September 6th, 2019

When you remodel or redesign your house, which needs a staircase, it is necessary to look at the design of the staircase that will be suitable for the space and structure of the design. Your taste is also important while designing the staircase.

You can choose from stainless and glass staircase or galvanised staircase. You can also choose a painted staircase or powder-coated staircase. Fire escape staircase is very important when you consider the safety of your house in case of fire. Let us discuss some the different types of staircases for your modern home.

Stainless and Glass Staircase

Stainless and glass staircase have unique designs and styles which suits both modern and traditional settings of a house. These are styled for both indoor and outdoor usage. Stainless steel is known to be strong and does not rust. Hence it becomes a perfect choice for a staircase. These can be replaced with glass to give it a modern and stylish look. Many people like to have a glass staircase inside their homes to enhance the look of the interiors.

Galvanised Staircase

Metal staircase is a preferred choice as they require less maintenance. A galvanised staircase has a life span of 20-30 years. These stairs are sturdy and strong compared to other types of staircase. Industrial sectors prefer to use the galvanised staircase due to features and life span. It is also economical.

Painted Staircase

A painted staircase adds to the beauty of your homes. The chances of the painted getting spoiled are less. You can choose from various painting designs or styles and patterns. You can either choose a simple one coloured stairs or create your own designs or you can also paint them with rainbow colours to make it look bright and vibrant. You can also opt for geometrical designs and shapes painted on your staircase.

Powder Coated Staircase

A powder-coated staircase is used to protect the metal staircase from corrosion. It is easy to maintain and does not need any special chemical to clean or take off the staircase. It is best for the areas which are either too sunny or too moist. It is also economical, and various designs can be used.

Fire Escape Staircase

Fire escape staircase is necessary for emergency exit. Hence, it is necessary that sturdy and strong and can bear the heat of hire. These staircases are specially designed for keeping these factors in mind. They do not take much space outside your house or building.

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