How to Find Routing Number Online without Login

Posted by Dean V. Olmos on September 6th, 2019

How to Find Routing Number Online without Login:

Routing Number is a numeric code that identifies location of a Bank or Financial Institution/Credit Union. The concept of Routing Number was established in 1910 and its working till date in whole United States. You can find your Bank’s ABA Routing Number with help of internet.

How to find Routing Number Online

Routing Number can be found by many different methods. If you have a Computer or Laptop and Internet Connection then you must choose the Online Methods to find out your Bank’s ABA Routing Number. In case you have a Smartphone with Internet/WiFi, still you can Lookup Routing Number Online.

Find ABA Routing Number Online without Login

In order to find your Bank’s Routing Number Online, you don’t need to have any Login details. Of course you can get the Routing Number through Online Banking Login. But there are many other ways where you can get ABA Routing Number without any Login. Here we will talk about such amazing ways by which you can find the Routing Number Online.

  1. Find Routing Number on Bank’s Website
  2. Lookup ABA Routing Number on ABA Website

Let us discuss both the above methods in detail.

Find Routing Number Online on Bank’s Website

When you open a Bank Account, the Bank provides you Welcome Kit i.e. Account Opening Kit. You can get basic information about your Account and respective Bank in that kit. So your Bank’s Website is also mentioned in that kit/files. In case you are unable to find your Bank’s Website, you can search it online. Once you get the website, just go through following steps to find Routing Number without Login.

  1. Log on to your Bank’s Official Website.
  2. Find and Select Banking Section or Help/Support FAQ Section.
  3. Search for ABA Routing Number link and click on it.
  4. Either the List of Bank’s Routing Numbers will be displayed or you need to provide some details.
  5. Enter your Account Number or desired Bank Branch Name/City or Location.
  6. Submit the correct details to proceed.
  7. Your Bank’s ABA RTN (Routing Transit Number) will be Displayed on your screen.
  8. Check the Routing Number carefully and note it down for personal use.

Find Routing Number Online on ABA Website (ABA Routing Number Lookup)

American Bankers Association provides Routing Number to all banks and financial institutions in United States. So the ABA Website is the best option to lookup your Bank’s Routing Number.

You don’t need to Register or Sign Up to access ABA Website, but you will have to provide some important details to find out Routing Number of your Bank or Financial Institution. Follow the procedure given below to know your Routing Number Online through ABA Website.

  1. Log on to ABA Official Website at
  2. Read all the terms and conditions carefully.
  3. Select I Agree option and click on Continue button.
  4. If you have a Routing Number, you can enter it to find concerned bank branch OR
  5. Enter Name of Bank/Financial Institution, City, State and ZIP Code.
  6. Tick the Captcha Verification Box and Solve the Puzzle.
  7. Finally click on Search button to proceed.
  8. The ABA Routing Number of your Bank Branch will be shown on your screen.
  9. Save and Note down the Routing Number for your reference.

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