What are the best places to visit in Istanbul?

Posted by IndyWakeBoardTowers on September 7th, 2019

Most of us love to travel and explore different places. But we are unaware of few places that should definitely be visited if you are a tourist or love travelling. Going to Istanbul and visiting different attractions of the city can be an excellent option. There are various things to do in Istanbul. Here are the few attractions of Istanbul that tourists would love to see in:

Hagia Sophia:

The Hagia Sophia is a very wonderful and sophisticated attraction of the country. It has been a cathedral, a mosque and in today's times it is considered as a museum. It is an epitome of Bryzantine architecture and once you visit the place you would be able to understand why. This wonderful structure has various elements that need to be noted and once you enter this museum you will get surrounded by the coverings of mosaic and pillars. It is one among various awesome Istanbul places to visit.

Basilica Cistern:

It is the largest cistern of the Istanbul city. It consists of hundreds of decorated columns and is surely a very amazing piece of architecture. It was built in 532 by Justinian. The most amazing thing about this very old cistern is the amount of precision it has undergone during its construction. It consists of a total of 336 marble columns in which various symbols are engraved. Plus, another interesting feature of this attraction is that it has two columns which truly depict the head of Medusa.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque:

This very large and mesmerizing mosque is definitely one among the most important attractions of Istanbul. It was built by Sultan Ahmed in 1616 during the times of Ottoman Empire. There is large collection of domes present on the outside of the mosque. Plus, there are 6 minarets. And this mosque also has a huge courtyard. This mosque is still generally used for worship. Offering prayer in this mosque can also be considered as one of the many things to do in Istanbul.

Topkapi Palace:

There are various pretty and beautiful palaces in Istanbul and Topkapi palace is the most majestically beautiful palace. This palace consists of the rarest items of the Muslim world. It contains around a hundred rooms, halls and chambers. Out of these only the most important places are open to the public. It is also divided into several sections. It was also built during the times of Ottoman emperor. And is considered as one of the most important Istanbul places to visit.

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