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Posted by Febc International on September 7th, 2019

FF&E stands for furniture, fixtures & equipment. Making the right FF&E purchasing is a complex process, but the good news is that there are, in fact, a few FF&E procurement companies that offer complete end-to-end procurement services, to help give hoteliers the freedom to manage the core business smoothly.

Hiring a procurement provider like FEBC helps you with your FF&E procurement, by providing you with a dedicated team of FF&E purchasing experts to take care of the whole process, simultaneously maintaining the transparency & smoothness of the transactions.

Getting an experienced FF&E procurement company on board is quite beneficial as they understand the positives & negatives of many hospitality suppliers’ issues with pricing, reliability, shipping & durability.

Being familiar with your brand on all the levels, FF&E procurement service providers like FEBC ensure that your FF&E purchasing standards are taken care of throughout the purchase process.

While you might want to try out making independent purchases, but the issues of addressing damage, warranty, scheduling equipment or other claims with manufacturers require smooth handling. FEBC also takes care of the OS&E, operating, supplies and equipment purchases besides ensuring a smooth purchase and transparent growth of the business.

How It’s done?

For each project, a unique, carefully researched & well-thought-out plan is drawn. Brand standards are then considered & a quality guide is developed, based on which all, FF&E as well as OS&E procurements are made.

 A budget and cost plan is then designed that involves key parties, client and the operator. The budget plan also includes cost cutting initiatives and a timetable for the entire delivery and production. A rough sketch depicting the final outcome is made. During the procurement process, the operator, designer and owner collaborate to ensure that the final product quality matches the original design intent & the brand’s quality standards. Once the purchasing policy and delivery timetable are agreed upon, the suppliers are contacted to find the best possible source of the FF&E procurement.

Hiring the right FF&E procurement company in the earliest stages of hotel FF&E and OS&E procurement process ensures that the goods are in line with stringent quality checks & adhere to your brand’s aesthetic & design sensibilities perfectly.

FEBC provides procurement management services for the global hospitality industry. As experts in FF&E and OS&E, with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of procurement management, we ensure your FF&E purchasing goes on successfully & the goods reflect your brand’s artistic taste to your guests.

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