How Volume SMS and HLR Lookup Can Enhance Advertising, Promotion and Campaigns

Posted by Alizashiakh on September 7th, 2019

Did you understand you are able to conserve money, time and easily achieve your audience / costumers?

By integrating mass SMS companies you can certainly do all these, whether you cause a tiny / moderate company or an enterprise. It's the perfect platform to spread important info instantly to numerous cell phone customers at just one click. You are able to change or supplement your existing attempts by using mass SMS in lots of ways.

Multiple operation:

Promotion, advertising, advertising tool; developing Bulk SMS Nigeria recognition and attracting new costumers through mass SMS advertising campaigns. Companies may customize the sender, the beneficiary, and the human body of each and every SMS sent to their clients, prospects, contacts or internet visitors.
Mobilising tool for functions & campaigns. SMS can be extremely successful for mobilising in regional and worldwide campaigns. SMS communications may be sent once only or often through the lead-up to an event.
Content / data supply tool; providing material through SMS and therefore introducing price to your company's existing services.
Internal enterprise communications tool; facilitating communication between organization workers and departments. "Did not you receive the memo?"
Simple program and architecture:

Volume SMS companies allow you to send mass SMS via simple HTTP, SMPP, or website interfaces. Also you are able to send simple, group or mass SMS, without using any browser. Messages are instantly forwarded to cell phone destinations.

Anybody who wants the capability to broadcast numerous communications concurrently will benefit from mass SMS. Although it also permits simple communications to be provided, its primary function is to make the job of mass messaging rapidly and simple. An user friendly program, mixing data administration, information formation, permits customers to form just one information, and broadcast it to many tens of thousands of recipients.


Least price routing where suitable
Protected, rapidly and reliable supply
Text, binary and Unicode communications
Concatenated and WAP Force messaging
Delivery studies
Cellular Quantity Mobility (MNP)
Large throughput up to many SMS per second
HLR look up companies
Premium SMS companies
UK-based extended inbound numbers
2-way messaging options - SIM Hosting
HLR Search Companies:

HLR Search enables the actual time search of portable numbers. That support lets you recognize that a cellular phone quantity exists and which system it goes to.


The HLR Search support is specially important for nations where numbers are ported to between portable operator networks.


The HLR Search is just a support which retrieves IMSI and position for a given portable contact number (MSISDN). MSISDN is sent and a question to an operator's HLR (Home Area Register) is made. Then a response with the position of every quantity is going to be returned. HLR Search support permits real time high volume needs and rapidly response times.


HLR Search validity outcome
Cellular Country Signal (MCC) of system operator similar to the portable contact number
Cellular System Signal (MNC) of system operator similar to the portable contact number
System operator standard name similar to the portable contact number
Country of system operator similar to the portable contact number

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