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Ultra Keto X#@$:- The diet is made through a diet made

Posted by griadh85 on September 7th, 2019

Ultra Keto X#@$:- 

The diet is made through a diet made using Pronokal sachets, which are sachets that when mixed with water turn into juices, shakes, omelets and many other flavors and textures, the product line is extensive and all sachets have primarily in its composition the protein.

When you start the Pronokal diet you will go through three steps:

1 - Weight loss - due to caloric restriction.

2 - Food Reeducation.

3 - Maintenance of the new weight.

To avoid possible damage to health and misuse of sachets in food, the purchase of this product can only be made upon presentation of a prescription.

Where to find the products?

This diet is a very restrictive diet regarding the acquisition of sachets, which are the basis of their menu. To purchase them you need to first consult with a doctor who is qualified by Pronokal and then, after evaluation and prescription, the doctor will order the sachets.

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