Pros and Cons of Furniture Rental Services

Posted by Rishabh Bansal on September 7th, 2019

The concept of getting furniture on rent is common in countries across the globe. The trend is also catching fast in developing countries like India. Furniture rental is a cost-efficient alternative. More and more people are adopting this concept because of its many advantages. 

While people looking for long term solutions prefer buying furniture. Pocket-friendly furniture buying solutions are available with Pepperfry online offers. Meanwhile, if you are confused about whether to rent furniture or not here are top advantages.


Pros of Renting Furniture

Upgrades are Hassle-Free

Your needs change with time, so does your use of furniture. By renting furniture, you get the flexibility of hassle-free updates. The service also allows you to upgrade to the latest designs. If you own furniture, the decision to upgrade is more robust. So furniture rentals will enable you to keep up with the changing needs. At the same time, your furniture will never be faded and dirty as you can replace items in short periods.


By renting furniture, you save yourself from chalking out a considerable amount of money at once. The prices of branded furniture are very high. Not every person is ready to invest that amount in one go. In such a situation, the furniture rental is useful. You have to pay a small amount every month. 

It is Convenient

Renting furniture is convenient as you get the service online. You can choose the product you want to rent, and it will be delivered to your doorsteps. Once the rent period is over, the product will be collected from your location. It is hassle-free. 

Ideal for short term requirements

When you are continually moving from one city to another for work, buying furniture can be a tough job. It is not only hard for your pocket but also physically and mentally challenging. Because every time you have to make arrangements for shifting your furniture. 

No Maintenance

There is zero maintenance cost on rented furniture. Use it for as long as you want. Once done, you can return it and get your deposit back. This is the reason people are turning to rent furniture. 

Cons of Furniture Rentals


The service is still limited to select locations. You may not find furniture rentals at every site. All the range of products for a select location may be limited. Particularly if you are looking to rent furniture in a small city the choices available are very less.


The quality of rented furniture is not great in every case. With rentals, you may get furniture that is not brand new. You should be careful, for any damage you will be demanded the whole expenditure.

Security Deposit

Although the monthly rental may be low as compared to the price of furniture. But you need to pay a considerable amount as a security deposit. Although the security deposit is refundable you need to pay the money upfront, and it is locked for the duration of rent.

When deciding to rent or not to rent furniture, weigh the pros and cons carefully. In some cases buying furniture can be more affordable. Pepperfry coupon codes on furniture help you save money.

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