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How to become a professional athlete for India National Sports – Hockey?

India National Sports – Hockey has become popular in recent times. Sports is a vital aspect of any progressive society and our culture. The popularity of sports in India is understood basis the number of people watching sports and the amount of revenue it generates. Sports is one of the important aspects of India’s entertainment, tradition & culture.

As Hockey is India’s National Sports – Making a career into it is definitely going to be the road of success. All those young athletes who have a fire to be a professional athletic; must look at the stages given below:


Step 1 – Early hockey development phase:

The priority is to focus on quantity over quality. In the early stages, it’s more important to just play and experience every possible scenario in the game of India National Sports – Hockey rather than to try and perfect certain skills. Focus on experience over perfection in the early years. The more time spent out on the field, the more development occurs. If you’re a true spirited player & willing to be the best in your sports, then you should play as much as you can without worrying about ‘being perfect’.

This first stage is all about analyzing yourself whether it is just a game for you or if it’s your passion.

Step 2 – Adopt a growing mindset:

A person with a fixed mindset will be someone who believes that basic qualities are set in stone which they believe. On the other hand, a person with growth mindset will be the one who believes that basic abilities can be developed. People with flexible mindset can only create a love for learning, improving, and a sense of resilience that is essential for significant development.

If you want to be a great hockey player, start embracing love towards a growth mindset. In order to go from good to great, develop a growth mindset and believe that small daily progress leads to significant improvement over time.

Step 3.  Practice:

Now that you’ve emphasized quantity over quality for some time and have adopted a growth mindset, now you should be ready to start focusing on purposeful practice and perfect your skills.

Step 4. Start improving your faults:

Choose a skill that you struggle with the most and set a goal to improve it. Your goal must be reasonable, and not unattainable so as to discourage you. Your goal must be to go beyond the comfort zone but within reach. The objective is to set certain goals that will take you to the roads of continuous improvement over time.

For example: Currently, you are able to place your shot where on net 4 out of 10 times (on average), now set a goal to improve to 7 out of 10 times on a regular basis. Being able to fetch right shot 7 out of 10 times repeatedly would mean a noticeable improvement of your shooting accuracy.

Step 5: Evaluate yourself:

Now, it’s time to evaluate yourself.  While you’re carrying out the skill during practice, notice what’s right you are doing when you hit the target, and what difference you’re doing when you miss. Adapt, modify as well as try distinctive things as you go to see if there’s a better or more effective way of doing things.

In this case, maybe you would try something like different puck-on-blade positioning, different hand placement, or even a different shot-release point.

Step 6: Seek feedback:

After self-evaluation, it’s time to get another opinion. This is the stage, where you need to have a coach, parent, or someone knowledgeable who can point out where you did well and what poorly you did. The best person to approach will be someone you provide genuine feedback and encourage you to head towards improvement. Being a player, it’s really important to ask for the feedback whenever necessary, and as a coach, it’s important to provide this feedback in the best suitable time.

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