3 Signs Your Kegerator Isn't in Tip-Tap Shape

Posted by Rob A on September 8th, 2019

Having an excellent draft beer system design in San Antonio, TX is good for business. It allows you to easily serve this golden drink to your customers. But if you've heard them complain about the quality of the beverage you're providing, then you may have some kegerator issues at hand. Here are a few signs that your setup needs repair.

Flat Beer

How to spot flat beer? Check if your glass has any bubbles in it. If the drink barely has any foam on top or pockets of air clinging to the sides, then it probably has zero carbonation. This beverage is surely tasteless, as it needs some effervescence to enhance its flavor.

One reason this happens is that the liquid is too cold. If you store your kegs in an environment that's around 1.5 degrees Celsius or lower, it may affect the carbonation.  Make sure that the refrigeration lines for your beer tubes are at the right temperature.

Another cause of this issue is the lack of pressure being pumped into your system. Adjust the regulator for your CO2 gas cylinder to increase it.

Foamy Beer

This is one of the most common problems encountered by establishments with a draft beer system. If almost half of your glass is filled with foam, then you need to make certain adjustments to your kegerator.

There's a chance you may need to lower the thermostat setting for your system. Barrels stored in environments that are 4 degrees Celsius and above will have this issue, as the gas in the drink is very sensitive to changes in temperature. This may also mean that the CO2 pressure in your system is too high or that there are breaks, dents, or twists in your beer supply line.

Cloudy Beer

The perfect glass of beer is always clear. It may have some bubbles and some froth, but the drink itself is never cloudy or muddy in appearance. If the color seems inconsistent, it's a definite sign that something is wrong with the source of your beverage or your kegerator. For example, if you haven't cleaned your beer lines or taps in a while, it may cause a yeast or sediment buildup in your system. As the liquid travels down the lines, it'll be contaminated by these foreign particles, making it cloudy. Another cause is kegs being stored at freezing temperatures, which forms ice particles in the brew.

These are some signs that your draft beer system design in San Antonio TX might be having some problems. Remember them to help you keep your setup in tip-tap shape.

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