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Posted by Radmin on September 9th, 2019

With the advent and expansion of social media, it's getting more and more difficult for a shop owner to determine how to best spend his marketing dollars. It's no longer enough to have an attractive website or a sign in the window or over the door. What you need is an eye-catching display of some kind to attract foot traffic or to get the attention of people in the cars that cruise by your store each day. The National Association of Advertisers has concluded on-premises signage is the most effective form of advertising, outperforming newspapers, radio, billboards, and television. The most attractive form of on-premises signage these days is by using graceful feather flags.

Why Use Feather Flags?

These attractive flags that currently dot the landscape around business parks and shopping areas are so-called because their shape resembles a graceful feather. The flag is constructed from high quality, durable fabric made for long-term outdoor use. Unlike a conventional flag, your message is on constant display and the slightest breeze is all it takes for the feather flag to flutter and wave. These flags are versatile and two-sided, so your message can reach an audience in either direction. There is a wide variety of in-stock flags available in all colors and standard messages, for immediate purchase, or you can work with an in-house design team to create your own special message and customize your design. Once you order a feather flag kit, you can purchase different flags to use for special events or seasons. Although the flags are designed for outdoor use, they can also be used indoors, at convention booths or craft fairs by a simple change in the pole base. 

How to Assemble a Feather Flag

Flags come in two sizes, either twelve or fifteen feet high. The kit contains the pole in two parts, the ground spike, and the flag. Anchor the flag into the ground by pounding in the ground spike. Assemble the pole, and then feed the flag onto the pole, using the specially designed sleeve on the flag. In just minutes, you'll have an attractive flag outside your establishment which will increase foot traffic by twenty to fifty percent. If you wish to use the flag indoors, simply change out the ground spike with a weighted donut and you're set to go. These are but a few reasons to use feather flags.

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