Beyond Coffee Shops: Exciting Ways to Bond With Your Girlfriends

Posted by Radmin on September 9th, 2019

How familiar is this? You meet with your girlfriends in the group's favorite coffee shop to catch up. Cheek kisses, throwback stories, endless giggles - you missed being with these people. But in the middle of the get-together, the laughter is suddenly replaced with rants about work and life problems.

This isn't how you pictured it. You and your gals should be having fun!

The choice of activity and venue is to blame. Coffee shops are where people usually vent. Don't feel bad, though. When you get the chance to catch up again, suggest other activities besides grabbing a cup of coffee. Here are a few ideas to get you started, outside of happy hour specials in Tampa, Florida. 

Go Iron Chef
It's time to flex your cooking muscles. Invite your friends to hang out at your place and prepare something delicious for them. Challenge yourself by using only the ingredients you rummaged in the pantry. Don't buy anything else, and see where your creativity takes you.

Want to take this activity up a notch? Turn it into a contest, just like on TV. Dare one of your pals to prepare their own dish, as well, and let the rest judge who's the best cook in the group.

Host a Potluck Party
Because nothing brings people closer than food, here's another option that will make your tummy happy. Next time you get a free evening, put together a dinner party for your buddies, and ask everyone to bring a dish when they come over.
Set a theme for extra fun. Maybe you can go Italian and feast on pasta, pizza, and steak. For a night filled with sweetness, you and your friends can prepare grown-up versions of your favorite childhood desserts. Yes, that's the perfect excuse for everyone to get some spirited ice cream.

Marie Kondo with Pals
Friends aren't just great at guiding you to let loose and have a good time. You can also count on them when you finally decide to get rid of the closet clutter in your life, figuratively and literally. Purging and organizing can be tons of fun, especially with additional hands. Try on or trade clothes and help each other out in piecing outfits for your next late-night happy hour in Tampa, Florida.

Make Some Money
While organizing your wardrobe, you might come across pieces you'd never dare to wear again. Don't just throw them away; some might still be in good condition. Have a yard sale with your friends and make some money out for your castaways.

Of course, you can always grab a cup of coffee with your besties; venting has its usefulness. But, there are plenty of other ways to have fun together. Just think of all the memories you'll make by going to a late-night happy hour in Tampa Florida or having your own little cooking contest.

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