What Sets Psychedelic Art Apart From Others

Posted by tomwilliam on September 9th, 2019

We all must have read The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley which is said to be inspired by the Psychedelic Art. It is an art form which said to be done in a state where consciousness is under drug influence. This is a popular art form with unique triptych art prints which are very appealing and distinctive. If you want to own one, then, look for psychedelic art prints for sale. Let us discover more about this art form below.

What is Psychedelic Art?

During an experimentation with hallucinogenic drugs like LSD for artistic interpretation by Oscar Janiger, a psychiatrist, he noticed that painting when under the influence of LSD were very unique and creative. This experiment led to the widespread belief that use of LSD enhanced creative output. The American culture during the '50s and the '60s considered psychedelics as a crucial and sacred part of the Native American religious rituals.

The psychedelics art is pro9duced when the painter had an altered state of consciousness similar to the type of mysticism practiced in the East. The art embraces the disorientation of senses as called for by surrealists and symbolists. Many of the earliest examples were not visual but literary.
From 1966 till about 1972, these works dominated the world of art and influenced album art and poster art. Its impact was extended to murals, and influenced fantasy forms. Soon it entered the advertising world and the use of psychedelic art to promote campaigns.


Features that characterized this art form is the use of saturated colors and contrast of colors. There are many characteristics that sets this art form apart from the rest:

*Fantastic, Metaphysical And Surrealistic Subject Matter

The subject matter that most psychedelic artists dealt with is usually in the realm of the fantastic and surrealist. There was often some sort of metaphysical elements attached to the subject matter.

*Kaleidoscopic, Fractal Or Paisley Patterns

The patterns used were more often than not kaleidoscopic in nature. Fractal and paisley patterns were seen in most of the paintings with bright and highly contrasting colors.

*Extreme Depth Of Detail

The stylistic element of the artwork is its great deal of depth and detailing often called Horror vacui style.

*Phosphenes, Spirals, Concentric Circles, Diffraction Patterns, And Other Entoptic Motifs

These motifs are an integral part of this art movement with repetition of images and motifs that have already been used. They make use of innovative typography and hand-lettering, including warping and transposition of positive and negative spaces.

Psychedelic art has prominence in almost everything now. It can be seen on clothes, home decor and almost on everything. You can buy psychedelic inspired art from anywhere.

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