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Posted by Haut Monde on September 9th, 2019

It is important to think and plan about the tempting ways, that increase the sales and, and generate the most possible revenue for your hotel. For some time your strategies will work and sell rooms but not for a long time. It’s important to understand about every strategy because most of the strategies provide, fast revenue but they can cease the quality assurance. So it’s important to add value to your work with some smart tricks, this way you can set the upgraded quality to your customers, and automatically your rooms sales will increase.The worst nightmare a hotelier can see is the empty rooms; this is a great sign of falling business. If you want to keep these visions away to your hotel, so implement the hotel sale ideas during the year to bring more customers and visitors to your hotel.

Reasons why you should consider the hotel rooms sales – 

A first and important reason to consider this factor is that this is the best method to drive good revenue. 

You will be able to provide the best luxurious services with the additional packages to the guest if you have good revenue in your hands.

Another reason is to priories the hotel room sales is you can meet the expectations of your visitors.

Empty hotel points over the quality and customers can doubt your services, so if you want to provide a lively and fascinating environment to the customers so keep your hotel with the guests. 

A valid question arises here “How to Increase Hotel Room Sales”? Consider these important points and increase the sales of your hotel rooms.

Make your employees an important part of the sales – these are the employees who make the business successful. So it’s important to keep your employees happy so that they can work happily with their full potential. Encourage your team with every step, train them with the skills of sales, so that they can focus and work to get more revenue, and maximize the customer services. Incentives and rewards are important assets to refresh the mindset of employees, giving them rewards can enhance their performance level.

Feed guest with marvelous services - happy guests will disseminate about your services and their experience with their relatives and family members. This way you can attract more customers. although these days due to the internet perks, everyone goes through your hotel's profile and checks the customer’s review then comes over the final decision. Positive feedbacks can stabilize your online presence but on the contrary bad comment will hunt your position. So keep your customers happy with the one line services.  

Take advantage of the technology – if you have no understanding of today’s customers, so you cannot keep them happy. Take the advantages of the internet; make an online booking platform, so that you can get leads. For example; if someone is looking for the best hotel in Gurgaon, if they will found you worthy they will prefer you. With a positive online presence, your chances of getting leads will increase.

Your high –perceived value is the key - you will get what you have served, the guest feels more comfortable to pay you more if they are happy with your services. Your hotel’s perceived value is more important than the actual value, and if your customers and considering the perceived value more, it’s your big win. Keep upgrading the level of your hotel’s services.

Host special and private events – if you have extra space you can smartly use that. Advertise your hotel for meetings booking, special events like gatherings and weddings. This way you can generate extra revenue and also advertise the quality of your hotel.

Local companies can help you – if you can offer your extra space to the local companies, so smartly you can attract their visiting delegates, for staying. This way you can deal with them for every meeting. 

Point of sales opportunities – this is an interesting way, partner with the local vendors of cars, restura.nts or parks so that you can sell their services as your additional services to the special offers to your guests.

Direct marketing to your guests – while the entering of your guest, collect their personal information and ask them to give a review about their stay experience. Developing a good relationship with the customers, with special offers can help you to do direct marketing with the customers.

Keep proper auditing of the hotel – proper investment is important but the record of ever investment also needs your attention. 50% of the hotel investment is consumed by the heating and cooling mechanism. So be smart and use the HVAC system or switch to LED both can save thousands of yours. 


Large and appealing strategies are important to drive great revenue, but ensuring the quality is also an important aspect. Sales and marketing techniques differ according to the hotel. If you choose the right one for you, you will stabilize the top position in the market. Be flexible in the planning; determinedly observe the results so that you can make changes at the right time. 

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