A Guide to Sustainable and Responsible Travel

Posted by happyeasygo on September 9th, 2019

Travelling has never been more relaxed than in the present day and age. Before the internet, many travellers would not even dream of going off the beaten path. But, now most people travel anywhere in the world, without even much planning or money. While some people hit the road after getting inspired by other travellers, some others seek adventures through travel. Whichever kind you may be, try travelling responsibly.

What is responsible travel?

Also known as mindful, no footprint, sustainable, conscious and green travel, the idea of responsible tourism is to limit the negative impacts of travel on the planet. As travellers, we might not be intimidated by the unknown places anymore; but, it’s our responsibility not to threaten the natural elements while travellin

Let’s look at the ways we can help maintain the beauty of nature while travelling.

Start at home

As they say, it all starts at home! You can start being a responsible traveller by doing the simplest things before leaving home for your adventures. Make sure to unplug the appliances you recently used, turn off the water main, pause the newspaper delivery and get everything sorted before exiting your apartment.

Reduce in-flight carbon emissions

Reports suggest that aeroplanes produced nearly 705 million tons of CO2 in 2014. Release of CO2 in such big amount contributes to the rising global temperatures. However, the good thing here is that we can reduce it and save our planet just by changing some of our habits. Reduce the CO2 emission by booking direct flights and avoiding transfers. Though it’s sometimes unavoidable, you can keep a note of it and do your bit whenever possible.

Choose your transport carefully

After landing down in your favourite country, try and avoid using the transports that cause pollution. You can also share petrol costs with co-travellers and promote sustainable travel. Choosing trains or other eco-friendly transport, you may not be able to reach places fast, but you will surely enjoy the mesmerising sites.

Buy local

You may feel tempted to seek out restaurants or shops that remind you of home in a different city. While there isn’t anything wrong with this, why wouldn’t you want to explore and see something different when you’ve travelled halfway across the world? The best part about trying local stuff is that you will be supporting sustainable travel and your wallet too!

Think before you haggle

In countries where the euro and dollar are strong, you may feel tempted to bargain at the local stores or markets. While bargaining is the culture in South East Asia, it is essential to keep the bigger picture in mind. You need to acknowledge the fact that might not be a lot for you, but it could be a meal for a person’s family. When you had enough money for flight ticket booking and hotel booking, should spending a little money in their country really matter?

Minimise your footprint

Think before you accept a plastic bag in a different country. It’s not only a good habit but in some developing countries, there are waste management laws to overcome the major problem. Whether a country has a specific law or not, make sure you’re not encouraging the use of plastic or other harmful material in the country. Also, carry your water bottle, avoid buying plastic bottles and other single-use plastic at airports and other places.

Not many people would know that they don’t need to follow a particular set of rules to travel responsibly. Just make sure you don’t litter or abuse the environment, cultures or people of the place you’re visiting on vacations. Be a traveller who can hold his trash in a foreign land, dispose it of properly and inspire everyone to do the same. So, don’t wait until another holiday season, and book the air ticket to your favourite place on this weekend itself. Also, book your flight tickets at lowest airfare from a reliable flight booking app to get great discounts.

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