Single Parents with Young Children

Posted by Jessica Goldner on September 9th, 2019

The onset of the 21st century has seen dynamism in family structures. Today, more single parents are raising young children. A 2007 report by the American Census Bureau shows that about 33% of the births in the U.S. in 2000 were given by unwed women. The single-parent family trend has been on the rise. Some of the single parents have consciously chosen to bring up their children by themselves. On the other hand, others are single due to unplanned pregnancy, death, or even divorce. Studies show that 25% of young children with single parents suffer from serious psychological, emotional, and social problems. Male incarceration and teenage problems are common social issues amongst children from single-parent families. Conversely, 10% of young children with both parents suffer from psychological, emotional and social problems. This disparity depicts the assertion that raising children by single parents is a tall order. However, there are those who think that in fact, single parenthood is better for small children.

According to research, the likelihood that youngsters with both parents would engage in illegal and delinquent behavior is negligible, because they are closely monitored and fell the attention and affection of their parents. Young children with both parents enjoy good social and emotional wellbeing. About 54% of young children who were raised by two parents are financially successful in life. Parental relationships are stronger in intact two-parent families. Parental agreement subjects young children to consistent discipline. For this reason, they are able to internalize and learn moral values and social norms. Such parenting bolsters interpersonal skills like communication and respect. Two-parent families are more stable compared to multi-generational and single-parent families. Most nuclear families are economically stable. They give their children good life opportunities and luxuries. Additionally, there is more affection in such families.

Girls who are brought up by single mothers have early sex due to little supervision. Single parents who do not receive alimony from their former spouse cannot efficiently support their family. Oftentimes, this leads to stress. Most working mothers work overtime or even take two part-time jobs in order to be financially stable. This emotionally and physically exhausts single parents and affects the wellbeing of their children. Parenting thus becomes difficult for such people. Such inept parenting leads to innumerable negative effects on their children. Peer relationships are also strained. Additionally, depression amongst custodian mothers adversely affects effective parenting. Poorer single parents experience a myriad of problems in raising their children. Emotional havoc renders the children useless forever.

However, some people assert that single parenthood is better than a two-parent family. First, young children learn how to become independent and support their parents. Single parenthood intensifies adolescent autonomy due to efficient parent-child communication. Moreover, most single-parent homes are peaceful and bereft of parental fighting common in some two-parent homes. In nuclear families, dad and mom often compete for the child’s affection. Raising small children allows single parents to give all their affection to the child due to the lack of significant competition. Such parents also give their children individual time.

In conclusion, while single-parent homes are challenging, they can be satisfying and rewarding after understanding the needs involved. Parenting, whether in the case of two-parent or single families, requires understanding and patience. It can be difficult or even easier regardless of the nature of the family. It is important to ensure that children grow in a conducive atmosphere.

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