What Are Job Hunting And Its Important Aspects?

Posted by Employer Tube on September 9th, 2019

When we talk about Active Job Hunting, we refer to a series of steps, attitudes, concepts, and resources that we must handle to achieve optimal job placement or reintegration.

 These aspects include, among others:

· Self-knowledge on a personal and professional level

· Know the demands of the world of work

· Identify public and private job hunting resource 

· Know how to answer a press ad

· Know how to prepare a cover letter and a resume

· Know how to face a job interview

· Staying motivated and not falling into frustration when the results are not as desired

· Analyze the academic and professional trajectory to be able to complete it and / or redirect it

· Make a job-hunting agenda and a long etc. which can contribute to the final objective: the achievement of employment.


The different sections of this web page try to provide you with information and instruments, as well as to promote the acquisition of the necessary skills, which allow you to find an active, organized and planned job hunting.

What is Video Interviews?

The Video Interviews consist of answering in the video a series of questions posed by the recruiter, at a certain time. Its objective is to apply for a job and it is a new personal presentation tool used by almost all personnel selection companies.

It is not a single method of evaluating the candidate, but a complementary one increasingly used in the selection processes. However, it can be decisive for you to get a job. 

Tips for Diversity Recruiting

Clearly define what you are looking for 

You are in the right position to find the profile you like best. Decline those applications that do not resemble what you are looking for and focus on finding the right person.

Make the job offer attractive

Talk about the benefits of working with you, the experience and advantages offered by the vacancy. Make the offer interesting.

Publish the offer

The working world has transformed with the advent of the Internet. The connection with everyone makes it possible to streamline much more expensive processes just a few years ago. There are online platforms that allow you to publish job offers to reach as many people as possible and, thus, find the ideal candidate.

The contract for trial periods

Depending on the urgency and ease of the company to do so, it is advisable to test the person or persons chosen in the workplace. It is the best way for Diversity Recruiting.




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