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Posted by Pravin Roy on September 9th, 2019

Things to Consider Before Buying Marketing Automation Services

It can be extremely frustrating to buy something and realize afterwards that there were more things you would have considered before buying.  On the same note may be you planning to buy marketing automation services but do you really know what should you consider before buying any marketing automation services for your organisation? What if it doesn’t match up to your business requirements and the pre-defined goals? or is it user-friendly?

There’s no doubt that many of the businesses today are using various marketing automation services which enables their team to manage all the marketing activities effortlessly.  Marketing automation services enhances your brand presence and also enhances your lead generation, however opting the wrong services can seriously damage the health of your business. To make this decision simpler there are few measures which you must consider before purchasing any marketing automation services.

Set your goals correct

Undoubtedly marketing automation services can boost your marketing activities by capturing more leads, enhancing lead-to-sale conversions and improving the overall experience of your prospects and existing customers.  However at the same time you must be clear about your targeted goals. Most of the organisations set their goals in an abrupt and vague manner. They only wish to see an increase in the number of leads or engagement, but it’s not enough. You should be precise while setting the goals; for example you must know the number of leads you want and what sort of increase in engagement you targeting? Once you define these goals, you can start surfing various marketing automation services available in market.

Analyse you lead generation cycle

Many organisations claim that they don’t get the desired results which they expected from their marketing automation tool. At the same time there are many of them who don’t know how to use their marketing automation to its full capacity. In such cases you must have a clear view of your lead generation process. Once you have a clear understanding of the each step of the process, it will be simple to automate marketing process.

Strategise Content

May be your primary goal is to generate more leads and your secondary goal is to get repeat business from your existing clients. In achieving such objectives we should strategise our content accordingly which can automatically makes our marketing automation more targeted and smooth. Needless to say, it is extremely important to create relevant content that encourages your lead to opt for your services at each and every stage of the buying cycle.

Can it be integrated with you existing online CRM software?

You must ensure that your existing online CRM software can be integrated with your new marketing automation tool; otherwise you will face really hard time in importing the business directory and your precious data which you have purchased from any data provider. If it is not compatible with your existing online CRM software then it will only bring hassles. So it is advisable to check the compatibility before making any purchase of new marketing automation services.

Are your employees ready?

A very important part to be considered before buying any automation services is the user-friendliness of that tool. All buying efforts and money will be in vain if your team is not ready and fail to use the marketing automation tool to its full capacity. Your employees’ willingness and enthusiasm towards learning and using the automation tool have a great affect on the success of marketing automation. Using marketing automation tool is not a rocket science; but you must ensure the automation tool you buying is easy to learn and use on a daily basis.


Accessibility from anywhere

Before buying marketing automation tool you need to know that is it accessible from anywhere? Many of the businessmen and employees are engaged in meetings and conferences or they are always travelling; so the marketing automation tool you opt for must be accessible from anywhere. It should be mobile-friendly so in this manner you can access your marketing campaign performance anytime from anywhere.

Get a free trial

Most of the marketing automation services providers offer free trials; you should take advantage of such offers and try the automation tool before purchasing it.

If you do proper research, set your goals correct, analyse your lead generation process, strategise your content and have a team that understand the importance of marketing automation and willing to adapt it then it becomes simple to choose the right  marketing automation tool which fulfils your business requirements.

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