Using Colour Psychology in Marketing

Posted by Contour Coatings on September 9th, 2019

Colours are not just visually appealing to the eyes, but also impact human behaviour. If used correctly, colour psychology can be used in marketing as well. When you are looking for interior painting Lethbridge or even the exterior painting of your store or office, you can make use of colour psychology to influence consumer behaviour in your favour. Here is a little guide to some basic colours and how they influence behaviour:

1. Red: Creates a sense of urgency and can be very effective during a clearance sale. Also known to increase appetite and can be used in fast food joints or eateries.

2. Blue: A colour associated with manliness and elegance. It stimulates security and productivity and can be used by brands wanting to build trust.

3. Green: Promotes the sense of tranquility, peace, stability and nature. It can be used to relax customers and promote crucial decision making.

4. Purple: A colour that reflects royalty along with respect and wisdom. Anti-ageing or beauty product brands or retailers can use this colour.

5. Yellow and Orange: These are the colours that promote optimism. They also trigger anxiety and can attract impulsive buyers to your store.

6. Black: This colour emphasizes authority, power and stability and can be used to reflect intelligence.

7. Grey: Symbolizing old age, grey can be used to market things that resonate with timelessness. But make sure you do not use too much grey as it will incite the feelings of depression

8. White: Signifying purity, safety and cleanliness white can be used to reflect creativity and calm.

If you use the colour psychology in a well balanced and smart way, it will surely help you in increasing your business. Also, the paint should be of good quality and done by experts. For the best results, you should get in touch with the experts at Contour Coatings. They will not only help you choose the best colours but also deliver the best results.

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