How Dubai Freelance Photographers can help increase your online visibility

Posted by Susan California on September 9th, 2019


Everyone likes good images. That much is a common fact. Our brains are wired in a way where they tend to look at something attractive. No one enjoys bland or colourless elements: they just don't engage with people. A good photographer is someone who knows and acknowledges this fact, tries to capture the world's beauty through a camera onto a single picture or a video clip.

Check below some of the reasons why Dubai freelance photographers will help you increase your presence on the internet.

A good photograph goes a long way

Most web users usually look at an image before even reading the description attached to it. A good picture goes a long way to show and make people understand what you are trying to say, or what they can expect if they decide to proceed and read your contents. If you are writing about hawks and how insanely majestic these creatures are, a good snap of a hawk will get you far more views on your website than a basic shot with some content written on it.

Images help you get traffic

Images help you get more traffic than bare content. Even Google suggests using images on your articles for more traffic and better ranking on their website. Images are the future for getting you ranked higher. It is no secret that articles that have images are easier to read and keep the reader busier than articles without images. I mean, don't you remember back in school when you liked reading books with pictures more than books without them? We are still the same.

Good online presence means good business

A good online presence means that you will be able to send your message to people in an affordable and efficient way. Any content that is shared by a big website automatically gets sent to thousands, if not millions, of users. You don't need to spend millions on local marketing strategies that might not even work after all. Plus you have the chance to hire content writers and photographers, so you're doing your part in giving to the job market.

Good images make for good ads

People seldom click on ads. This is like the number one rule of the internet. No one likes ads. But sometimes an ad is so enticing that a person is just forced to click on that the ad. It's okay. You don't have to be ashamed. We have all been there. Most of the time, it is because of the good looking image that caught our attention. An attractive image catches our attention faster than a speeding bullet.

A single image speaks a thousand words

A good and skilled photographer will take an image that speaks a thousand words, even though it is a still image. A good image has so much information in it that sometimes people who are looking at the image get immersed and highly engaged. This fact applies to articles as well. If someone is reading an article and then sees a really nice image, the attention naturally shifts to the graphic element: the picture.

Advertising companies aim to get people to stay engaged on your website for as long as possible. The usage of images is a well-played strategy in the attention span world.

This is why you should invest in Dubai freelance photographers. They are the best at doing what they are hired to do: photography.

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