Chemistry Class 12 NCERT Solutions and Study Guide

Posted by Anand on September 10th, 2019

Everything is made up of atoms and molecules and hence we can see the chemistry all around us. Chemistry has grown into a very diverse field. There is a significant overlap between chemistry and other branches of science and study. Chemistry is a very important branch of science. Chemistry is the study of science that deals with constituents of matter like atoms molecules, ions etc. and its properties, structure, behaviour, and interactions. It has a lot of applications in daily life. The food we eat is nothing but a mixture of various chemicals. From its production to cooking, chemistry plays a very important role. Consider tomatoes which they are produced in farms. Fertilizers and crop-protection chemicals like insecticides, pesticides etc. are used in farming to increase the production of tomatoes. Then ripped tomatoes are brought to food processing industries, where they are converted into a finished product like ketchup and after various stages of food processing different ingredients like flavoring agent, chemical additives are added based on chemistry. We use detergents and soaps for cleaning, bathing, washing etc. They are a mixture of chemicals with cleaning properties. They are manufactured in chemical industries through saponification of fatty acids. Drugs are made of chemicals which are produced in pharmaceutical industries. The knowledge of chemistry is vital for pharmacists and doctors. Chemicals are also used in sterilization, disinfection to kill microbes. Chemistry also helps pharmacists to understand biochemical mechanisms in a body. Raw materials used in textile industries are wool, silk, jute, cotton, flax, glass fiber, polyester, acrylic, nylon etc. These materials are transformed into usable finished products like clothes, bags, carpets, furniture, towels, flags, nets, balloons, etc. During this transformation, raw materials are subjected to numerous chemical processes. Chemistry governs the performance of buildings. Building materials play a significant role in improving the performance of buildings. Coating chemicals like acrylics, silicones, urethanes are responsible for reflective roofs, which decreases the heat transfer. With so many practical applications of the knowledge of chemistry in daily life, it is not enough to just concentrate on the curriculum of the school. You need to be able to get done with NCERT to focus on the in-depth knowledge of chemistry and study about it in great detail. Thus, Extramarks saves your day by providing you with the best Chemistry Class 12 NCERT Solutions so that you can complete your syllabus much before time and focus on the subject as a basis of life with deep conceptual understanding. Download the Extramarks app now and look for the best of Chemistry study material available. Avail the 7 Day Trial and find for yourself.

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