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Finding Chennai escorts from a reputable agency is not always the easiest things to do in the world. Thankfully, there exists this short guide, which provides you with a quick rundown of the essential rules of the trade. If you are going to connect with an escort agency from Chennai for the first time, read these rules. It will go a long way to make your appointment more fulfilling.

Never Force an Issue

Never ever force the escort into providing you a service that she is not comfortable with. And once the infamous “NO” comes out, you should give up all attempts at trying. Many agencies will give you a list of sex acts which are prohibited. Read that list carefully. Forcing an act on to the unwilling female can land you in some big trouble. You might have to face some legal issues.

Surprises aren't always Good

Surprises can make love life pleasant, but you are not here to live your entire life with a Chennai escort. Remember that you are paying a woman to spend quality time with you. This is a business transaction and both of you have certain expectations of each other. Never cross your boundaries. A surprise may leave her dumbfounded and confused, and may even spoil your session.

Getting Straight into the Act is not always Pleasant

Calm down! You may be bursting with excitement, but do not let it on display. Some clients want to jump straight into the act, which does not please the escort and even leaves them unsatisfied. A practical strategy is to spend some time on foreplay. Converse with her, share things about you, ask her about herself before getting on with the kinky stuff. You should always keep in mind that never gets too personal to your escort.

Don’t do anything Illegal

Respect the Chennai law and the rules of the agency, whose Nungambakkam escorts you are paying to spend time with you. Just because she is an escort does not mean she will play to be your drug mule or partake in other illegal activities. Refrain from such activities altogether. It will be good for you.Keep this mind that a “no” is a “no,” surprises are not always pleasant, foreplay is necessary and escorts are not your partners in illegal activities to make your first trip to an escort’s really awesome.

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